Steps For Brother DCP J125 Installations

Install Printer Brother DCP J125

The driver installation process for Brother DCP J125 installation is quite a simple and trouble-free one.Carry out these steps to install the driver for the Brother DCP J125 printer:

  • Before installing the driver setup, turn on the printer machine and set up the necessary settings.
  • Make sure that the ink cartridge loading and cable connections are executed correctly, as stated in the User Guide Manual.
  • Insert the Brother DCP J125 driver installation disc that comes with the printer package into the computer. 
  • Run the driver installation setup and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Connect the printer machine to the computer with the help of a USB cable when the setup window prompt appears on the screen.
Brother DCP J125 Install In Simply

Brother DCP J125 Scanner Driver

The Scanner Driver for the Brother DCP J125 printer is a software application that communicates with the printer regarding scanning operation commands.

  • You can download the Brother DCP J125 Scanner driver by clicking the Scanner Download button available on this screen. 
  • Alternatively, you can download the scanner driver from the manufacturer’s site.
  • You need to choose your correct Operating Systems(OS) and its version to download the appropriate driver on your computer.
  • Click the How to identify your Operating System(OS) option if you aren’t able to identify your OS version. Now, follow the instructions provided on that page.
  • After selecting the correct OS family and its version, choose the language from the Language drop-down menu.
  • Click the Printer Driver & Scanner Driver for Local Connection option and once again select the language to proceed with downloading Brother DCP J125 Install the Scanner driver.
  • Accept the End User License Agreement(EULA) and click Download.
  • Now, open the downloaded file from your storage location and run the driver setup.

Download Printer Brother DCP J125

  • You can download the Brother DCP J125 Printer Driver by clicking the Driver Download button available on this page.
  • You can also download the driver software from the official site.
  • Before downloading the Brother DCP J125 Install driver, you must identify your Operating system(OS) family and its version type.
  • Select the OS family from the drop-down menu (either Windows, Mac, Linux, or Mobile) based on the device on which the driver software is to be installed.
  • After selecting the OS version of your device, click the OK button.
  • If you are a Windows user, type ‘winver’ in the search panel and open the About Windows screen to identify your OS version and system type. 
  • If you are using Macintosh, navigate to the Apple menu and select the About This Mac option to identify your version and software info.
  • After selecting the OS version, the window displays the available drives and software such as Full Driver & Software Package, Drivers, Utilities, and Firmware
  • Download your desired package from the displayed list of drivers.
Brother DCP J125 Install after the completion of download
  • The release date and size of the driver are mentioned next to the corresponding software. 
  • Now, agree to the EULA (End-user License Agreement) and click Download.
  • The DCP extension file will be .exe file format for Windows and .dmg for Mac.
  • The downloaded file is available on the device folder, and you can access it for installing the driver setup.

Brother DCP J125 Driver Windows 10

  • Download the Brother DCP J125 Install Printer Driver for Windows 10 from the official site.
  • Select Windows 10 and its system type from the main page of the Brother official site and click OK.
  • Choose the Full Driver & Software Package option from the window to access more features.
  • Make sure you remove or uninstall all the previously installed printer drivers on your computer to avoid installation errors.
  • Due to the Windows compatibility issues, install the new drivers for your printer if you are updating your OS version.
  • Now, install the driver software on Windows 10 by navigating to the downloaded folder and running the driver setup.

Brother DCP J125 Printer Drivers For Windows 7

The driver software is also available for the Brother DCP J125 printer on the official site. The downloading procedure is the same as the one mentioned above for Windows 10.Make sure that you select the OS version as Windows 7 instead of Windows 10 before downloading the driver software.


Brother DCP J125 Manual

The Brother DCP J125 printer manual consists of information regarding the features, setup guide, precautions or safety measures, and specifications.

  • You can download the Brother DCP J125 Printer Manual from the official site.
  • Make sure to choose your desired language before downloading the manual.
  • The manual will be in PDF format for Windows and Mac devices.
  • The release date and size of the file are mentioned next to the Download button.
  • If you have any difficulties in downloading the Brother DCP J125 printer manual, contact our technical support.
Brother DCP J125 Install manual

Brother Printer DCP J125 Head Cleaning

Clean the Brother printer head regularly to maintain better printing quality. The Brother DCP J125 Install printer machine will automatically clean the print head whenever needed.If you find any loss or occurrence in the print qualities, you can manually clean the print heads to resolve the issue.Carry out these steps to clean the print heads in the Brother DCP J125 printer:

  • Turn on the printer machine and navigate to the printer display panel.
  • Press the Menu button on the Brother DCP J125 machine.
  • Navigate to Ink Management with the help of Up arrow or Down arrow keys and press the OK button. 
  • Select the Cleaning option from the display panel and press the OK button.
  • Choose Black, Colors(Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow) or All from the panel to proceed with the print head cleaning.
  • Excessive cleaning of the print head consumes more ink. Therefore, avoid cleaning the print head unnecessarily.
  • If the problem is unresolved even after cleaning it five times, install a new print head on the printer machine.
  • Make sure that you avoid touching the ink nozzles on the print head because it may lead to poor printing quality.

Brother DCP J125 Black Ink Not Working

Brother Printers are more reliable and user-friendly. If you encounter any problem with the print head, rectify the issue as soon as possible.If it continues, you may get error messages and severe problems such as reduced printing quality, improper ink consumption, and ink printing failures.Carry out these steps if your Brother DCP J125 Install printer is not printing black color: 

  • Primarily, check whether the Breather tape or Orange tape is removed from the black ink cartridge.
  • When you select the Yes option, the WLAN feature is enabled. Now, the Brother DCP J125 printer starts to search for your SSID.Verify that the ink cartridge specification suits your brother printer.
  • The black ink will not work if it reaches the expiry date.
  • So, make use of the ink cartridge before it reaches its expiration.
  • Check if the ink cartridge is placed correctly in its loading point.
  • If the brother printer’s ink completely drains out, replace the existing ink cartridge with a new standard black ink cartridge that suits your Brother DCP J125 printer.
  • Finally, perform a test print to verify the black ink quality. 
  • If you have difficulties in resolving the issues, contact our technical support by clicking the Call button available on this screen.

Brother DCP J125 Paper Jam Problem

The Paper jam problem is a common issue that occurs on Brother printers. The primary cause of this problem is due to improper loading of the papers in the paper tray. Carry out these steps to resolve the Paper jam problem in the Brother DCP J125 printer:

  • You can identify whether the paper is jammed or not on your Brother DCP J125 install steps by looking at your printer display panel.
  • The printer displays the Paper Jam Error on the LED panel if the paper gets jammed accidentally on your printer machine.
  • Whenever you spot the issues with the paper jam, unplug the power cord of the printer machine that is connected to the electrical outlet.
  • Open the Jam Clear Cover from the printer that is located at the backside of the machine to remove the jammed paper.
  • Now, close the jam cover properly after removing all the papers from the inside of the unit.
  • Remove the paper tray from the printer machine and clear all the cut-off papers inside the paper tray without causing any damages to internal parts.
  • Also, check for the paper bits present inside the Scanner unit and Print head.
  • Remove all the paper wastes gently without touching the encoder strip, and if you get any ink on your skin, then remove the ink using soap or detergent immediately. 
  • Load the print heads and close the scanner cover gently.
  • Make sure to insert the paper tray back into the printer machine and set the Paper Guides correctly.
  • Now, connect the printer to the electrical supply and check whether the error message appears or not.
  • Perform a test scan to check.
  • If you find it challenging to resolve the paper jam problem, contact our technical support.

Brother DCP J125 Troubleshooting

Below are the commonly occurring problems on the Brother DCP J125 printer:

  • Paper feed/paper jam
  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • Copying
  • Product setup problem
  • Driver/software
  • Network settings

Here are the solutions to resolve the ‘Printer status is Offline or Paused’ problem:

  • Ensure that the Brother DCP J125 Install printer is connected to your computer.
  • Do not use any hub while using the USB cable to establish a connection.
  • Check for the IP address after printing a network configuration page.
  • If you have installed different drivers on the computer, set Brother DCP J125 as the default printer by clicking the Set as default printer option from the Printer menu.
  • Clear all the unwanted print jobs from the Print queue by selecting the Cancel all Documents option.
  • In the Devices and Printers window, you have to right-click the Brother DCPJ05 printer icon and remove the checkmarks next to the Use Printer Offline and Pause Printing options.
  • Make sure you remove the duplicate copies of the Brother DCP J125 Installation of printer driver.
  • If the issue persists, get help from our technical experts.