Printer Brother DCP J100

Printer Brother DCP J100

Install Printer's Brother DCP J100

  • After you unbox Printer Brother dcp j100, remove the packaging covers and also take out all the orange protective materials from the printer.
  • Next, connect the power cord to the printer and plug it to the wall socket. 
  • Now, the printer is powered on.
  • To install an ink cartridge, initially open the ink cartridge cover on the printer.
  • Unwrap the ink cartridge from the pack.
  • Now, reel the green holder in the anticlockwise direction and stop when you hear a click sound.
  • When the vacuum is released completely, remove the orange protective films from the cartridge.
  • Insert the ink cartridge into its slot by gently pushing, and it locks into a position, then install the other cartridges in this same way.
  • Close the cartridge cover and wait for some time for the ink system to be cleaned.
  • The papers have to be loaded, for that draw out the paper tray from the printer.
  • The paper tray is covered with the output paper tray, so lift open the output tray.
  • Move the paper guides to the range of the paper size you are going to use.
  • Then, place the papers on the tray such that the print face is down. See that you do not push the papers too much because they can thrust on the back of the tray.
  • Shift the paper guide to the paper edges to fix the papers on the position.
  • Replace the output paper tray and then insert the paper tray into the printer.
  • Unfold the paper support and flatten the support flap.
  • Check the printer’s display to adjust the date and time settings. Later, use the control panel to adjust the print settings.
Printer Brother dcp j100

Brother DCP J100 Driver

The printer driver is provided to the user in the CD-ROM and through the online website. The setup CD is available with the printer while purchasing. Otherwise, you can simply download the printer driver from the manufacturer’s site. The Full Driver & Software package is present in the Downloads section on the support page and get instructions about Printer Brother dcp j100.


Brother DCP J100 Manual

The User’s Guide and Setup Guide are available on the support website of the printer brand. The guides can be downloaded in PDF and HTML format from the Manuals tab. The printed manuals are also given along with the printer.


Brother DCP J100 Troubleshooting

  • If the USB cables or power cord connected to the printer are not secured, then the printer goes offline.
  • When the ink cartridge cover or scanner cover is not closed properly, the printer can face issues.
  • The ink level in the ink cartridges becomes low, and this will be indicated by an error message on the printer display. Be ready to replace the ink cartridges anytime.
  • In case the paper settings and the paper you are using to print do not match, the printing does not take place.
  • Using wrinkled or damp papers for printing can cause poor print quality, so use neat and good papers for printing.

Brother DCP J100 Paper Jam Error

The paper can get stuck inside the printer; this can be due to the bad paper quality or the dust that is present on the pick-up rollers in the printer. To resolve this paper jam, try out these steps:

  • Try to remove the paper that is jammed by following the procedure given below:
  • Turn off the printer and draw the paper out of the printer Brother dcp j100.
  • There are two green bars at the ends of the tray space inside the printer. Pull both the green bars to release the stuck paper.
  • Then mount the scanner unit and take out the jammed paper.
  • If needed, you can even move the print head to pull out the clogged paper. But lookout for the encoder strip and do not touch it.
  • Suppose the print head is located in the right end, then you cannot shift It.For that, switch on the printer and let the print head move to the center, then you can switch off the printer and remove the paper.
  • Carefully check the printer if any paper pieces are stuck in the printer, remove it, and close the scanner cover.
  • Put the paper tray back into the printer.
  • To prevent paper jams, before printing check if the paper guides are fixed in the right paper size positions. Make sure you clean the pickup rollers in the printer.
Printer Brother dcp j100

How To Install Brother Printer DCP J100 Without Cd?

  • Before you begin the setup, check if the Brother DCP J100 printer is unboxed successfully.
  • After that, remove the top cover of the Brother printer by referring to the procedure given at the side of the printer.
  • Connect one part of the USB cable to the printer port and another end to the Mac device.
  • Now, turn on your Brother DCP J100 printer. Download the Brother DCP J100 printer driver from its official site.
  • After that, start the installation by double-taping the Brother icon available at the desktop.
  • Double-click the Driver download icon on the Brother screen.
  • Click the Radio button beside the Local Connection (USB) on the Connection Type screen.
  • Click the Next button. Perform the on-screen prompted instructions to complete the instructions.
  • Choose your Brother DCP J100 printer & enter your Mac device password when prompted during the driver installation on your system.
  • After the completion of the driver installation, try to perform a print operation on your Brother DCP J100 printer.
  • Similarly, to install the Brother DCP J100 printer using the USB cable on your Windows system, perform the quick steps given below.

How To Reset Brother DCP J100 With Simple Steps?

  • If the printer faces any trouble that you cannot fix, then reset the printer settings to bring the printer back to its factory default settings.
  • On the printer’s control panel, press the Menu button.
  • Use the navigation keys to choose Initial Setup and press the OK button.
  • Select the Reset option, then press the OK button.
  • Now, choose ‘Machine Reset’ or ‘All Settings’, following that select Reset on the Printer Brother dcp j100.
Printer Brother dcp j100

Brother Dcp j100 Black Ink Cannot Detect

To perform a scan operation on your Printer Brother dcp j100, proceed with the instructions given below.

  • See if the black ink cartridge is installed properly into the printer.
  • Remove the ink cartridge and reinstall it properly.
  • Ensure that the ink cartridge used is the original cartridge of the Brother company.

Brother DCP J100 Error 48

  • The error indicates that the printer cannot print due to some objects that are present in the printer or because of mechanical failures.
  • To check if there is any object or paper stuck in the printer, switch off the printer, then mount the scanner cover to remove the unwanted object that is present in the printer.
  • Any mechanical problems can also cause this error, so make sure if all the printer parts are operating normally.

Brother DCP J100 Printing Problem

  • The printer is not able to print if the printer device is not turned on, or the ink cartridges are not correctly placed.
  • The printing may not happen if the printer driver is not installed in a proper way.
  • When the printing tasks are halted, the oncoming printing jobs do not get to be done. Check the printing queue; if anything is stopped, then remove that task and try to print again.
  • If the paper is not fed into the printer in the right way, then the printer cannot print.
  • The printer connected to a wireless network will become unable to print if the network connection is not strong. Therefore, place the printer near the network and then check the printer Brother dcp j100.