Brother MFC 7360n Setup

Brother MFC 7360n Setup

Install Printer Brother MFC 7360n

Follow these guidelines to install the Brother MFC 7360N printer.

  • Remove the Brother printer from the carton and set it on a flat surface.
  • Check whether these components are in the box. There should be an installation CD, AC power cable, Quick Setup guide, telephone cord, Basic User guide, and safety booklet in the Brother printer’s carton.
  • Go to the Brother printer and remove the packaging material from the surface of the machine.
  • Peel off the film covering the scanner glass of the Brother printer.
  • Lower the front cover and then take the silica packet out of the printer. Take the elastic band away from the drum and discard it.
  • Remove the paper strip and the protective material. Carefully remove the Brother printer’s drum & cartridge assembly.
  • Redistribute the ink by shaking the toner cartridge in the horizontal orientation to the left and right sides. Reinstall the cartridge. Close the front cover.
  • Detach the paper tray from the Brother device and load paper sheets into it after adjusting the paper width guides accordingly. Make sure the paper tray isn’t overloaded with paper. Place the paper tray in its former position.
  • Connect the Brother printer’s power cable and telephone cables to the appropriate ports and outlets. Power on the Brother MFC 7360N printer. Set the LCD contrast and date & time on the Brother printer’s control panel.
  • Install the Brother printer’s driver on the computer and follow the on-screen prompts to connect the computer to the Brother device. This completes the Brother MFC 7360n Setup and installation of the Brother printer.
Brother MFC 7360n Printer Install

Brother MFC 7360N Driver

The Brother MFC 7360 N driver helps you explore the full functionality of the Brother MFC 7360N printer from your Windows and Mac computers. By installing the Brother full-feature driver on your computer, you can send print jobs over USB cable or Wi-Fi network to Brother printer. You can download this Brother printer driver easily from the support page of the Brother official website.

Brother MFC J470DW How to Print

The standard toner cartridge on the Brother MFC 7360 N printer can print up to 1200 pages. But, the High Yield Brother toner cartridge can print up to 2600 pages. You can replace the Brother toner cartridge when the message, ‘Toner Low’ is shown on the Brother printer’s LCD. The standard toner that is supplied with the Brother printer needs to be replaced after printing 700 pages.

Brother MFC 7360N Network Setup

Follow these guidelines to do the network setup on the Brother MFC 7360N printer.

  • Ensure that the computer on which you want to configure the network setup of the Brother printer is turned on with Administrator rights enabled.
  • Remove the cap from the LAN connector of the Brother printer. The connector has a symbol beside it which comprises a box placed on top of two boxes.
  • Attach the network cable to your Brother printer’s LAN connector and then connect the free end to a LAN port on your router. Ensure that the router is switched on.
  • Take the Brother MFC 7360N printer’s driver installer CD out of the box and insert it into your computer’s CD drive.
  • Choose the Brother printer’s model from the installer dashboard and then choose the desired language. You can launch the Brother printer installer manually by double-clicking its icon. To go to that location, you can use the File Explorer.
  • Click on Initial Installation. Choose the Install MFL-Pro Suite option. Click the 'Yes' button to agree to the license agreements.
  • If you get a Firewall detection pop-up window, click the radio button beside the ‘Change Firewall port to enable network connection’ option and then click Next.
  • Follow the Brother printer driver installer’s on-screen prompts to finish the Brother printer network setup.

Brother Mfc 7360n Fax Setup

To set up Fax on your Brother MFC 7360N printer, follow the instructions given below.

  • You can enable the Fax feature using the printer software or directly from the printer panel.
  • To enable the Fax feature using the printer software, follow the instructions given below.
  • Click the Start menu, select All Programs followed by Brother PC Fax Receiving Receive to unlock the Brother Fax Receive software on your computer.
  • Now a statement dialog box will appear on the screen which prompts you to read and accept the conditions.
  • If you are OK with the statements and conditions displayed on it, then click the OK button.
  • Now, check and make sure if the Brother PC-fax receiving icon is displayed on your Windows taskbar.
  • If so, then it means that Brother PC-Fax Receiving feature is activated successfully.

Brother Mfc 7360n Scanner Setup

To set up your Brother MFC 7360N printer, follow the instructions given below.

  • Begin the setup process by connecting the Brother MFC 7360N printer to the power source using the power cable.
  • After that, connect the Brother printer and your computer using a USB cable.
  • Make sure that the connectivity setup process is done properly.
  • Now, switch on your Brother MFC 7360N printer.
  • Go to your computer and look for the Brother MFC 7360N printer in the Devices and Printers section.
  • Wait for the computer to connect to your Brother MFC 7360N printer. Once it is done, the system (computer) automatically begins the installation process.
  • Follow the setup guide that appears on the screen to finish the installation process.
  • Connect your computer to the Internet when prompted during the installation.
  • Download the latest version of the printer driver from the official site of the Brother MFC 7360N printer if required.
  • After completing the setup and the Brother MFC 7360n Setup installation process, try a test scan or print operation.

Brother Mfc 7360n Printer Troubleshooting

  • To fix the common Brother MFC 7360N printer problems, follow the troubleshooting instructions given below.
  • Usually, when an error message appears on the printer screen, first, try to identify what it means and then start to perform the appropriate troubleshooting steps.
  • If you face any issue with the printer’s toner, then try to replace it by following the instructions given below.
  • Make sure to keep your Brother MFC 7360N printer switched on during the toner replacement.
  • Open the front cover of the Brother MFC 7360N printer.
  • Leave the system for a while and then take the drum unit out of the printer slowly along with the toner cartridge assembly.
  • Now you will see a green lock inside the printer.
  • Slowly, push the lock down to release the toner cartridge and remove it from the printer.
  • Keep the defective toner cartridge aside and unpack the new cartridge. It is recommended to buy genuine cartridges from a trusted retail store.
  • Place the cartridge into the printer and push the green lock up to fix the cartridge properly.
  • Insert the toner cartridge and the drum unit back into the printer.
  • Close the opened front cover of the printer.
  • Now, check if the issue is cleared.
  • If not, then contact our technical experts to fix the Brother MFC 7360n Setup issue.