Brother MFC l8850cdw Troubleshooting

The Brother MFC L8850CDW printer may encounter issues while performing a function. The Brother MFC l8850cdw troubleshooting procedures for resolving these printer issues have been developed by technical experts. A few common errors and the solutions for fixing the same are specified below. Make use of it to resolve the Brother printer problems.

How to Solve Brother MFC L8850CDW Paper Feed Issue

  • There are several reasons for the paper feed issue. The forthcoming solutions will help you Brother MFC l8850cdw troubleshooting resolve them.
  • Once the printing job is over or canceled, you have to pull open the back cover of the Brother L8850CDW printer.
  • Next, place the two gray levers present there in their original position to reset it.
  • The next step is to check if the media type settings match the type of paper you have loaded to print. This error occurs if they do not match properly. You have to modify the print settings as per the paper you have loaded.
  • Also, check if the back cover of the Brother printer is closed properly.
  • Access the Reduce Paper Curl mode from the Settings menu and enable it. This might solve the paper feed issue.
  • In case you are printing envelopes, then choose the Env Thin option from the Print Settings menu.
  • If you are using the Brother printer after a long time, then open the input tray, align the old stack of papers you have placed, and try printing.
Brother MFC l8850cdw troubleshooting
  • Make sure the paper you use is not stored in very high or humid temperature.
  • During the printing process, pull open the back cover. Wait till the printer output paper settles on the face-up output tray. Check if the issue has been rectified.

Brother MFC L8850CDW Not Connecting to Network

  • Make use of the Brother MFC l8850cdw troubleshooting guidelines that are stated below to rectify the not connecting to a network issue.
  • First, restart your router and the Brother L8850CDW printer.
  • When connecting via a wireless network, check if you have the correct security key with you.
  • In case you do not know the password, then connect the Brother L8850CDW printer and computer using the WPS method.
  • If there is any Brother printer driver that was installed previously, then uninstall it and then try connecting the printer through a wireless network.
  • Reset the network settings of the Brother MFC L8850cdw Printer if the issue persists.
  • A few Brother printers will not connect to a 5GHz wireless network. Place a request to the ISP to split the network into 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz network channel.
  • Connect to the 2.4 GHz network and check if the problem has is sorted out.

Brother MFC L8850CDW Paper Tray

Follow these guidelines to fix the issues related to the paper tray on a Brother MFC L8850 CDW printer.

  • Ensure that the Brother printer is placed in the correct position on a flat surface.
  • Obstructions to the paper tray release path and uneven surfaces can affect the paper tray release operation.
  • Check whether there is any plastic residue on the V-shaped groove inside the paper tray. If so, remove it carefully. This is because, after using the Brother printer for an extended period, the plastic powder accumulates on this groove, which causes issues when you try to open the paper tray. However, the Brother MFC l8850cdw troubleshooting issue is easy to resolve.
  • Turn off the Brother printer and then detach the lower jam clear cover from the rear surface of the machine.
  • Place the machine on its side. While supporting the device with one hand, pull out and remove the paper tray from the printer. Clean the V-shaped groove using a soft brush or a cloth. Now, reattach the paper tray to the Brother printer.
  • Reinstall the support the device with the jam clear cover on the Brother MFC L8850 CDW device. Place the Brother printer in its original position and check whether you can remove the paper tray easily.
  • Detach the Brother printer’s front cover and let the machine cool down for 15 minutes. Once the machine cools down, detach the toner cartridge assembly and drum unit carefully and set them aside.
  • Check for jammed paper inside the toner cartridge assembly and drum unit. Remove them and take care not to leave any pieces of paper stuck inside.
  • Place the Brother printer’s front cover in its original position and remove jammed paper from the interior of the printer, if any.
  • Now, check whether the paper tray can be removed without any Brother MFC l8850cdw troubleshooting issues. Reattach the toner cartridge assembly and the drum unit to the Brother printer.

Brother MFC L8850CDW Out Of Memory

The Brother printer displays the ‘Out of Memory’ message when the printer’s RAM has no more memory left. This might be due to a large file or document that is being copied. That file could have consumed a large portion of the printer’s memory. Follow these guidelines to identify the issue’s cause and resolve it.

  • If you see the error when a copy operation is in progress, follow these steps. If the Brother printer is scanning the first page of the multiple-page document, touch STOP/EXIT to stop scanning the document.
  • If the Brother printer has finished scanning the first page and is scanning another page, touch the STOP/EXIT key to cancel the scanning operation. Wait until the other operations complete before starting another print function.
  • If the Brother printer is printing when this error message is displayed, stop the printing operation by touching the JOB CANCEL button.
  • Change the print resolution to a lower number on the printer driver settings screen and then try printing. This will reduce the RAM usage and subsequently eliminate the error. To reduce the resolution, go to the Printing Preferences option after right-clicking the Brother Printer model on the Devices list located in the Control Panel. Choose a lower resolution from the Print Quality drop-down list and then click Apply.
  • If the error message is displayed when a fax operation is in progress, touch the STOP/EXIT button to stop the scanning operation. Remove the faxes stored in the Brother printer’s memory by printing them. Go to the Brother printer’s control panel MENU-Fax Remote Fax Opt-Print Fax/Print Document.
  • Now, from Brother printer’s control panel, choose the Black Start/Color Start button. Wait until the printing is completed and then touch STOP/EXIT.
  • You can also check if there is a problem with the Brother printer’s scanner by trying to copy a blank document. If you get a blank copy, there is no issue with the scanner. However, if you get a blue or black copy, you will need to contact Brother MFC l8850cdw troubleshooting tech support to get your scanner repaired.

Brother MFC L8850CDW Offline

Follow these guidelines to fix the issues related to Offline error messages on the Brother MFC L8850 CDW printer.

  • Check whether the Brother printer is switched on and look for errors on the LCD. If the LCD is blank, touch a button to wake the device. If the screen remains blank, it is possible that the device isn’t receiving power. Check the power connections and connect the device directly to the wall power outlet.
  • If you see the ‘paper Jam’ or ‘Toner Empty’ error, you can refer to the Brother MFC L8850CDW printer manual to clear it.
  • When using a USB cable to connect the Brother printer to the printer, ensure that the USB cable is working correctly. Try connecting the USB cable from the Brother printer to another USB port on the computer. Avoid using a USB hub when connecting the Brother device to your computer.
  • Set the Brother MFC L8850 CDW printer as your computer’s default printer by going to Devices & Printersright-click Brother printer modelSet as default printer.
  • Delete the print jobs on the Brother printer by right-clicking the Brother printer icon: Devices & PrintersPrinter Cancel All Documents.
  • If the Brother MFC l8850cdw troubleshooting issue hasn’t been fixed, uninstall the Brother printer driver and install the latest version of the printer driver on your computer.