Brother MFC l5900dw Setup


Brother MFC l5900dw Setup

  • Keep all the manual hard copies and installation CD safe for future use. 
  • Take out the packaging materials from the outside of the printer.
  • Extend the front cover and remove the packaging materials from the inside of the printer.
  • Separate the drum unit and the toner cartridge assembly from the printer and discard the orange packaging.
  • Now, place the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back into the printer.
  • Draw out the paper tray at the bottom of the printer.
  • Press and move the green paper guide to fix the papers.
  • Place some papers on the paper tray with the printing side facing downwards.
  • Again, adjust the green paper guides to hold the papers stable. See that the papers fed are below the maximum paper mark. Level.
  • Now, push the paper tray back into the printer.
  • Open the paper support flap to collect the printed papers.
  • Plug in one end of the power cord to the wall outlet and the other end to the back of the printer. 
  • Press the Power icon on the panel to switch on the printer.
  • If you want to use the Fax feature of the printer, then connect a telephone line cord to the printer.
  • On the printers LCD screen, press Settings and select All Settings.
  • Tap Initial Setup and choose Local language.
  • After that, press the Home icon.
  • Now, install the software driver for the printer and set up the network connection.

Brother mfc L5900DW Driver

  • You need to download the Brother MFC I5900dw printer driver software to operate the printer from your device. The download can be done in two ways.
  • The installation CD contains the installer software; the CD is available when you buy a printer device. Insert the CD into your computer’s hard drive and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • The driver can be downloaded without the installation CD also. You can download the installer software from the official website. Choose the printer model and then select your OS version for the computer.
  • Select the language of your choice.
  • Download the driver installer that is compatible with your computer.

Brother mfc L5900DW install software

With installation CD:

  • After inserting the installation CD into the computer, go to My PC on your device.
  • Open the CD drive and double-click on the Start setup file.
  • Choose the connection type and proceed with the commands displayed on the screen.

Without installation CD:

  • Download the software package from the manufacturer’s official website.
  • Open the downloaded package, then select the language.
  • Accept the agreement license.
  • Select the connection type. 
  • If it is wired connection, connect the cable and complete the process.
  • If it is a wireless connection, then choose Setup without a USB cable in the wireless device setup window.
  • On the printer’s screen, press the Home icon.
  • Then, press the Wi-Fi icon and tap WLAN.
  • Choose Setup Wizard from the option and tap Yes to enable WLAN.
  • The printer will search for the WiFi network. When the network is found, select your WiFi network or manually add the WiFi network name (SSID).
  • Enter the network key if prompted and select OK to connect.

Brother mfc L5900DW Manual

  • The manual consisting of Quick Setup guide, Product Safety guide, and Basic User’s guide is provided when buying the printer. You can use the hardcopy of the manuals.
  • To download a softcopy of the manual, click the Manual Download button on this page. The online User’s guide can be accessed from the manufacturer’s website without the need for downloading it.

Brother mfc L5900DW Toner

High yield toner (TN850) and Standard yield toner (TN820) can be used in the Brother MFC L5900DW printer. The toner is contained in a mono laser cartridge that can print up to 3000 pages when using standard yield toner and 8000 pages w hen using high yield toner.

Replace the toner cartridge:

  • To replace the toner cartridge, turn on the printer.
  • Pull down the front cover of the printer.
  • Take out the drum unit and the toner cartridge assembly.
  • Press the green holder downwards and separate the toner cartridge from the drum unit.
  • Unpack the new toner cartridge and remove the protective films.
  • Carefully, try to install the new toner cartridge into the drum unit and stop when you hear a click sound.
  • Move the green holder and clean the corona wire. Put the holder back to its original position.
  • Next, place the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly into the printer.
  • Close the front cover of the printer. 

Brother mfc L5900DW Drum Reset

  • After you replace the drum unit, the drum counter has to be reset.
  • Keep the front cover of the printer closed.
  • Touch the Settings icon on the printer screen.
  • Select the All Settings menu.
  • Tap Machine Information and then choose Parts Life.
  • Select Drum/Drum Life and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Now, select Yes and press the Home icon

Brother mfc L5900DW Scan to Email

  • To know the printer’s IP address, print a network configuration report.
  • Press the Settings icon on the printers LCD.
  • Then choose All Settings. Under All Settings, select Print Reports.
  • Now, touch on the option Network Configuration. To start printing press Yes.
  • In the network configuration report, find the IP address.
  • Next, log in to your email account.
  • Open the browser and enter the printer IP address in the address bar.
  • If your printer’s Web Home page is password secured, then type the password in the login box.
  • Select the Network tab and click Protocol.
  • Check the POP3/SMTP option and select Advanced Settings.
  • Enter the details of your incoming/outgoing server.
  • Also, enter the destination email address and the printer email address.
  • After filling the information, click on the Submit button, which is at the bottom.
  • Now, check the menu ’Test Email Send Configuration’ and uncheck the menu ‘Test Email Receive Configuration.’ Review the result and click OK.
  • Now, load the document to be scanned to email on the scanner glass.
  • Using the navigation keys, select the Scan to Email option followed by OK.
  • Change the settings if required. Select the Enter Address option.
  • Press OK. Choose a file type and confirm the same.
  • Now, enter your email address and then press the Start button.
  • The printer will scan and send the scanned data to the specified destination.

Brother mfc L5900DW Scan to PC

  • To perform scanning on the Brother MFC L5900DW printer using your Windows device, follow these given steps;
  • Place the document you have to scan face down on the scanner glass.
  • Select the Brother folder and choose the printer model.
  • Open the Control Center folder, a window appears.
  • You have to choose the scan option as File.
  • Click on the ControlCenter Configuration to make changes to the settings.
  • Once the settings are done, click the File icon.
  • Wait for the scanning to get complete. The scanned file will be sent to your computer.

Brother mfc L5900DW Troubleshooting

Printing problems:

  • At times, the printer may not print anything; in that case, check the cable connection to the printer and the computer. 
  • Make sure the printer software driver is correctly installed on the computer and is updated.
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver.
  • The toner cartridge and the drum unit assembly may not be arranged properly. Remove and reinstall it.
  • Make sure there is enough toner. If the cartridge is very low on toner or empty, replace it.
  • Curled, wrinkled, or crumpled papers cannot be printed. Sometimes, the paper can get stuck between the paper roller.
  • Wet and dirty paper can cause the ink to smudge on the paper. So use a dry and clean paper for clear printing.
  • Black bands can be formed on the printed papers; this is due to the messy corona wire. Clean the corona wire in the drum and toner cartridge assembly. 
  • Make sure the print settings are appropriate for your print job.

Scanning problems:

  • Know the IP address of the printer device, then open the Brother utility menu on your computer and check if you have selected the right printer.
  • When the scanned document is not clear on the mobile device, change the scan type in the scan settings, and try scanning again.
  • Large documents are difficult to scan, so change the resolution or file size or scan type. 
  • If you are scanning multiple pages, then use the Automatic Document Feeder.

Network problems:

  • When the printer cannot print through the network connection, make sure the network is strong. Check the routers and internet access.
  • Keep your printer as the default printing source on the computer.
  • Clear all the pending print works on the Brother application.
  • Turn off the firewall settings and Antivirus tool on your computer temporarily.
  • To test the network connection, print the network configuration report and verify the printer status.
  • Reset the network settings on the router to establish the network connection again.

Drum and Toner problems:

  • When the toner cartridge is not installed properly, you could see the error messages ‘Cartridge Error’ and ‘No Toner’ on the printer display.
  • The ‘Drum’ and ‘No Drum Unit’ errors can occur when the drum assembly is not placed correctly.
  • If the toner in the cartridge is about to get empty, the message ‘Replace Toner’ will be shown on the printer display.
  • ‘Replace drum’ error message occurs when the drum unit is becoming weary, or the drum counter has not been reset after you installed the new drum unit.

Fax problems:

  • Check if the telephone line connection to the printer is secured.
  • See if the telephone has a dial tone, if it does not, then contact the telephone operators.
  • Turn on the Easy Receive feature on the printer to receive fax while answering calls.
  • Change the resolution settings and clean the scanner glass to improve the fax page quality.