Brother MFC L5800dw Setup

Brother MFC L5800dw Setup

Brother mfc l5800dw Printer Setup

  • Cut open the seal of the Brother MFC L5800DW printer and check if all the necessary components are present inside the box. 
  • Accessories such as drum unit and toner cartridge assembly, AC power cord, telephone cord, setup guides, and installation CD. 
  • Take off all the packing materials present around the printer. 
  • Extend the input tray of the Brother printer and place a few plain paper in it.
  • Do not forget to adjust the paper width guides after placing the paper. 
  • Turn on the Brother MFC L5800DW printer after connecting to the power source. 
  • Configure all the necessary settings and proceed to the driver installation process. 
Brother MFC L5800dw Printer Setup

Brother MFC L5800DW Driver

  • The Brother printer can be used with Windows as well as Mac systems. 
  • Download the driver from the official site and install it on your system to connect with the Brother L5800DW printer. 

Brother MFC L5800DW Driver Download

  • First, you have to visit the manufacturer’s site. Key in the OS Family and the OS version. 
  • Tap the OK button, and the list of drivers and software available will be displayed on the next screen. 
  • Click the Driver Download button and install it on your computer after the download process is over.

Brother MFC L5800DW Driver Setup On Mac

  • Ensure that you have downloaded the Mac drivers from the official site. 
  • Double-click on the .mpkg file to begin the installation process. Tap Continue on the initial screen. 
  • Click the Agree button to comply with the License Agreement after reading it. 
  • Choose a destination folder to save the driver file and then click the Brother MFC L5800dw Setup and Install button. 
  • Specify the credentials of the administrator and then tap the OK button. 
  • Wait till the installation is over and then go to the System Preferences menu. Select the Print & Fax option. 
  • Tap the + symbol to add a new printer. Give a name for the printer and click the Add button. 
  • Take a test print to check if you have installed the driver on your Mac system properly. 

Brother MFC L5800DW Driver Windows 10

  • Enter the Wi-Fi SSID and passphrase. Click Next.
  • First, download the full driver and software package from the official site. 
  • From the downloaded location, double-click the .exe file. Tap Run on the Security Warning screen. 
  • Wait till the file is decompressed and then click the Yes button in the UAC window. 
  • Select a language of your choice from the drop-down menu and tap OK
  • Click the Yes option in the License Agreement window. 
  • In the next step, choose the Standard or the Custom Install option based on your choice. 
  • The Custom Install option will help you choose the software that needs to be installed on your system. 
  • Wait till the drivers are installed on your system and then connect the Brother L5800DW printer to the computer. 
  • Assign a test print job after you Brother MFC L5800dw Setup, install the drivers successfully. 

Brother MFC L5800DW Manual

  • The Brother MFC L5800DW manual will help you set up your printer with a computer and perform print functions easily. 
  • Make use of the solutions available in the manual to troubleshoot your printer when an Brother MFC L5800dw Setup issue occurs. 
  • Download the manual from the manufacturer’s site after specifying the printer model number as Brother MFC L5800DW. 
  • Refer to the manual if you have any queries related to your Brother printer.
Brother MFC L5800dw Manual

Brother MFC L5800DW Drum

A drum unit is designed to transfer the toner powder to the cartridge. The toner cartridge is placed in the drum unit, and the assembly is positioned in the printer. Follow the guidelines specified below to reset your drum unit.

Brother MFC L5800DW Drum Reset

  • Check if the Brother L5800DW printer is turned on.
  • Go to the printer Settings menu and select the All Setting option.
  • Choose the Machine Info option followed by the Parts Life option.
  • Press the Drum Life option and hold it until the display changes.
  • Tap the Yes button and then press the Home button.
  • The drum reset process is now complete.
Brother MFC L5800dw Drum

Brother MFC L5800dw Toner

The Brother MFC L5800DW printer uses a black toner cartridge and a drum unit to print or copy documents.Install the toner cartridge in the drum unit and then place it in the printer.  Delegate a print job to the Brother printer to check if you have installed the drum unit assembly properly.

Brother mfc l5800dw Toner Reset

To reset the toner of your Brother L5800Dw printer, you have to follow the guidelines given here.

  • Pull open the front cover of the Brother machine and press the # button for a few seconds. 
  • Select the TNR-HC option on the next screen.
  • Tap Yes when the Confirmation prompt appears. 
  • Close the front cover and print a test report. 
  • The toner in the printer is now reset.
Brother MFC L5800dw Toner

Brother MFC L5800DW Wireless Setup

  • Check if the Brother printer is turned on and then tap the Settings option. 
  • Go to the All Settings menu and choose the Network option. 
  • Next, select the WLAN option followed by the Setup Wizard option. 
  • Tap the Yes option when the Enable WLAN? message appears. 
  • Once the printer displays the list of networks, select your network from the list and enter the security key. 
  • Once the connection is established successfully, the Connected message will be displayed on your screen. 
  • Download the Brother L5800DW printer driver from the official site and Brother MFC L5800dw Setup install it on your system. 
  • If you have a Mac system, make sure to add your Brother machine to the list after you install it.

Brother MFC L5800DW Default Password

  • The default password for your Brother MFC-L5800DW is initpass. 
  • You have to enter this password if you wish to access the web interface, remote setup page, BRAdmin Light tool, or the firmware update tool. 
  • Once you specify the correct password, you can get access to these pages and tools.
Brother MFC L5800dw Wireless Setup

Brother MFC L5800DW Fax Setup

  • Make sure you have a telephone cable to perform the fax setup. 
  • First, use the telephone cable to connect the LINE port of the Brother printer and the wall jack. 
  • If you wish to include an answering machine, then use another telephone cable to connect the EXT port and the answering machine. 
  • Go to All Settings and then choose the Initial Setup option. 
  • Select the Date & Time option and set the correct date and time in the next step. 
  • You can enter the numbers with the help of the touchscreen panel available. 
  • To set the time, make use of the Clock option. 
  • The next step is to set the Station ID. Key in the 20-digit fax number in the respective textboxes and then enter your telephone number. 
  • Specify a fax name in the next step. Send a test fax to check if you have carried out the fax setup process correctly.

Brother mfc l5800dw Troubleshooting

Make use of the solutions that are mentioned on this site to solve any problem that occurs with the Brother L5800DW printer. You can also use the Call option to call the technical experts and obtain further assistance on Brother MFC L5800dw Setup issues.

Brother MFC L5800DW Not Scanning

  • Check if you have selected your Brother printer while assigning a scan job. 
  • In case of a wireless connection, check if the computer and the Brother MFC-L5800DW printer are connected to the same network. 
  • If you are scanning using an application, then check if the firewall running on your computer is conflicting with that application. 
  • Also, check if the USB cable is firmly connected to the system and the Brother machine. 
  • Install any updates that have been released for your scanner driver. 
  • Uninstall the printer driver from your system and install it after a few minutes to rectify the issue.

Brother mfc l5800dw Offline

  • First, check if the Brother machine is turned on and connected properly to the power source. 
  • Verify the connection between the computer and the printer. Reconnect them if required. 
  • Check if there are any paper jams or toner error messages displayed on the LCD. 
  • If yes, then remove the paper that is jammed or change the toner cartridge to resolve this error. 
  • Also, check if the Brother L5800DW printer is in the sleep mode. Tap the Power button to bring it to the normal mode. 
  • The next step is to check if the Brother printer is set as the default printing source. To do so, navigate to the Devices and Printers window. 
  • If a green tick mark is displayed near your printer, then it is set as the default printer. Else, right-click on it and select the Set as Default Printer option. 
  • You can contact our technical team if you are unable to resolve the Brother MFC L5800dw Setup issue.

Brother MFC L5800DW Turn Off Sleep

  • Press the Start button and the Options button together to display the Sleep Mode screen. 
  • Make use of the up and down arrow keys to select the Off option. 
  • Tap the OK button and then press the Stop/Exit button to turn off the sleep mode.