Brother MFC l2710dw Troubleshooting

The Brother mfc l2710dw printer may encounter problems like paper feed, paper jam, cannot print, print quality problem, quality problem while copying, fax quality problem, errors message on printers display, etc. Some of the very common printer issues and the solution for fixing them are also given in this site. Refer to these quick steps to make Brother MFC l2710dw troubleshooting easy and quick.

Brother MFC l2710dw No Paper Error

The no paper error is caused due to missing or improperly loaded paper in the paper tray. It can also be caused due to incorrect settings of the printer driver.

  • First, switch off the brother printer and take the paper tray out completely from the printer.
  • Then, remove the paper from the paper tray and make sure that the tray guide is set to the perfect paper size.
  • Next, check the paper for any damages. Also, verify that weight and thickness of the paper.
  • Now, check for the gear damages by moving the white gears on the left side.
  • Make sure that the tray lifts up and down while you move it.
  • Now, clean the dust in the separator pad.
  • On the underside of the separator pad, you can find the pick-up rollers, clean them.
  • Then, switch on the Brother printer.
  • Now, place the paper-back in the paper tray and make sure the tray guides are not pushed too tightly.
  • The paper must not be loaded above the maximum fill line.
  • Insert the paper tray back into the machine.
  • Now, on the Control panel, press the menu key.
  • Make use of the down arrow until the general setup option is displayed and press OK.
  • Then, press the down arrow to access the tray settings. After selecting the paper type, press OK.
  • Now, choose the settings with the help of the arrow keys.
  • Proceed to verify the computer settings. This should solve the Brother MFC l2710dw troubleshooting error.

Brother MFC l2710dw Paper Jam

  • First, make sure that the hot parts inside the printer machine cool down. Leave the brother mfc l2710dw switched on.
  • Next, open the front cover of the brother printer.
  • Now, gently take out the toner cartridge and the drum unit.
  • Then, find the jammed paper inside the drum unit and take it out.
  • Put the toner cartridge and drum unit back into its slot.
  • Close the access door of the cartridge and then close the front door.
Brother MFC l2710dw troubleshooting

Brother MFC l2710dw Printing Badly

  • First, check whether the paper is plain, recycled paper, and also check the weight of the paper.
  • Then, print the printer settings report by pressing the OK button and check the print quality of the printed pages.
  • Try to check the printed text and horizontal lines in the printer settings report.
  • Then, check whether the Toner save mode is on.
  • For this, try to press the down arrow to select the General Setup, and press OK.
  • Again, press the down arrow, until Ecology is displayed. Select it and then press OK.
  • Then, press the Down arrow until the Toner save option is seen and then press OK after selecting it.
  • Now, press the OK button thrice, so that the printer prints the settings and then press the Cancel button.
  • Next, try to open the front cover and take out the drum and the Toner cartridge assembly out..
  • Now, make sure that you clean the corona wire by sliding the green tab on the top of the drum unit.
  • Clean the small pieces of metal around the drum unit with a soft cloth.
  • Shake the Toner five to six times smoothly inside the cartridge.
  • Now, close the drum unit and the front access door.
  • Then, press the OK button.
  • These steps should solve the Brother MFC L2710dw Setup issue. In case the Brother MFC l2710dw troubleshooting issue persists, get help from our technical experts.

Brother MFC l2710dw Wi-Fi Light Blinking

  • The Brother mfc l2710 printer blinking Wi-Fi light can indicate that the Wi-Fi is on, but the internet is not connected.
  • Make sure that the power cord connected to the Brother printer and check whether the Brother printer is powered on.
  • Check for the password and try to reset it.
  • Go to the Setup Wizard and make the necessary changes.
  • Power off the brother printer and power it on to check for the network name.
  • If the list displays the network name, type the network password and try to connect to it.
  • Check the cable connected to the router and the access point.
  • Try unplugging and reconnecting the cables.

Brother MFC l2710dw Cannot Detect Toner

  • Make sure that you are using the original brother brand toner cartridge, if not the brother printer cannot detect the Toner.
  • Check for the model number, ie., brother mfc l2710dw; sometimes the toner might not be compatible with the particular brother model. Make sure that toner cartridge and the drum unit assembly are installed properly.
  • Open the access door of the toner cartridge and take out the drum unit and the toner cartridge assembly.
  • Clean the cartridge area and put the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly back into its slots.

Brother MFC l2710dw Not Receiving Faxes

  • If the Brother mfc l2710dw is nor receiving faxes, then, at first,
  • Check whether the brother printer has a dial tone.
  • If not, make sure that the telephone line cord is straightly plugged from the socket on the Brother printer to the telephone socket.
  • Ensure that the receive mode settings are made correctly.
  • Go to the fax set up menu and then press Fax.
  • Now, press the Menu and make use of the Up and Down arrows to display the Fax option.
  • Select the Fax option and press OK.
  • Then, select the Setup receive option and then press OK.
  • Next, choose the Receive mode option and then press OK.
  • Now, select the Fax Only or Fax/Tel and then press OK.
  • Save the settings by pressing Stop, and exit.
  • In case, if you are using a Voice over Internet protocol and it is not compatible with the printer, proceed with the Brother MFC l2710dw troubleshooting instructions below
  • For that, press the Menu and press the up and down arrows so that it will show the initial setup, compatibility, Basic and then press OK.
  • Then, press Stop or Exit.
  • Now, to print the User settings, press the Menu options, and then Print Reports User settings -> Start.
  • If you find that you are making use of the DSL line, then connect the entire unit to the end line of the rollover pattern.
  • Next, finish with test fax.
  • Make sure that the senders are dialing the proper number and the correct fax number of the unit.
  • Perform a test with another phone socket with a different number to make sure there is no problem with the current phone number.

Brother MFC l2710dw Not Printing

Sometimes the Brother mfc l2710dw might not print , in that case, make sure that the Brother printer is powered on and there are no errors on the LCD, check the connection of the router and the access point. Ensure that there is communication between the device and the brother printer. If the problem still exists, then make sure that the printer driver is installed. Also, check if the printer status is displaying ‘Ready’ and the print queue is empty. Make sure that the configuration settings are done. Try to reinstall the drivers if the Brother MFC l2710dw troubleshooting issue does not resolve.

Brother MFC l2710dw Not Printing Black and Color Ink

  • First, open the front cover and hold the green colored handle of the drum unit.
  • Now, remove the drum unit from the brother printer and wait until it sets.
  • Press the green lock lever downwards and take the toner cartridge out from the Brother printer.
  • Then, turn the edge of the drum unit towards the surface.
  • Clean the drum unit with a cotton swab gently.
  • Replace the toner cartridges into its slots and install the toner cartridge into the printer.
  • Then, close the front cover.
  • Same way, try to replace the toner cartridge.
  • After accessing the cartridge door, take out the toner cartridge and the drum unit assembly.
  • Press the green lock lever down to remove the toner cartridge.
  • Unpack the new cartridge and replace it firmly into the drum unit.
  • Make sure to clean the corona wire by sliding the green tab left to right.
  • Now, install the drum unit assembly into the brother printer and close the access door.
  • Next, try to reset the toner cartridge of the brother printer,
  • First, power off the brother printer and then power it on.
  • Hold the print cover-up and press the Secure Print and the Cancel buttons together.
  • Now, make sure to press the + button, and you can see a list of toner colors on the printer display.
  • Now, highlight the color that you want to reset.
  • Then, start the Brother MFC l2710dw troubleshooting process by pressing the OK option. Repeat the same process for other colors.

Brother MFC l2710dw Offline

  • Check whether the Brother printer is switched on and make sure it is active.
  • Troubleshoot the issues if the printer LCD screen displays any error messages like paper jam, ink toner empty, etc.
  • Check if the Brother printer and the computer are properly connected.
  • If you are using a USB cable, then ensure that the cable is plugged to the correct ports on your Brother printer and the computer.
  • If you are using an Ethernet cable for establishing a network connection, check if the cable is connected to the printer and the router access point.
  • If it is wireless, make sure to print the network configuration page to check the IP address.
  • Then, verify whether the Brother machine is set as the default printing source.
  • First, open the Control panel and tap the Hardware and sound -> Devices and Printers.
  • Make sure to delete all the print jobs from the Devices and Printers window.
  • To do so, right-click the Brother printer icon in the Devices and Printers section, then tap See what’s printing printer Cancel all the documents.
  • Make sure the printer status in the Devices and Printers window.
  • If the printer is offline, right-click the Brother icon and then select See what’s printing Printer Use printer offline.
  • Now, Open As Administrator, type the password, and tap Yes.
  • Make sure that the Brother printer driver is working.
  • First, power on the Brother printer. Next, open the Printer folder from the Control panel and then tap Hardware and Sound> Devices and Printers.
  • Hold the cursor over the printer icon, and you can find the printer status popping up.
  • Set the Brother printer as the default printer by right-clicking the icon of the brother printer and choosing the Set as Default option.
  • Next time, this printer driver will be selected automatically.
  • Next, check whether you are using the correct Printer Driver for the brother printer.
  • If it is Mac OS, first, tap the Apple menu System preferences Print & Scan.
  • From the Printers list, select the Brother printer.
  • Check the printer driver which is found next to the Kind.
  • If you find that the AirPrint driver is chosen, then add CUPS printer driver to the Mac.
  • For that, you can select Apple menu System preferences Print&Scan.
  • Then, tap the + button.
  • Next, choose the Default icon that is at the top of the dialog box.
  • In the Use list, ensure that brother mfc l2710dw + CUPS has been selected.
  • Now, tap Add, and then you can find the Brother printer in the Printers section.
  • Then, choose the Quit System Preferences under the Apple menu. Try a test print and check if the Brother MFC l2710dw troubleshooting issue has been resolved.