Brother Mfc j6530dw Setup - Desc & Steps

If there is a printer value for your money, you should opt for the Brother MFC J6530DW printer. This all-in-one printer comes with efficient features like auto-duplex printing, automatic document feeder (ADF), and a slew of mobile connectivity features. 

Brother Mfc j6530dw Setup - Desc & Steps

Now, let’s proceed to the setup procedure.

  • Unpack the Brother MFC J6530DW printer and place it on a flat surface.
  • Remove all the protective tapes from the printer and place the printer near the router to reduce any interference.
  • Check and unpack the following materials inside the package: 
  • Ink cartridges
  • User manual
  • Start Here guide
  • Power cord
  • USB cable and telephone cable
  • Maintenance sheet
  • Pull out the paper tray from the printer and extend the edges to their maximum.
  • Load a stack of paper and slide in the edges. Remember not to crush or damage the paper while adjusting the guides.
  • Connect the power cord to the printer's jack and another end to a wall outlet.
  • Raise the control panel of the printer and turn on the product.
  • Set your preferred language, country, date, and time on the printer's control panel and Save the settings.
  • Open the ink cartridge door and remove the protective tape.
  • Follow the instructions on the printer's control panel and prepare the machine.
  • Shake the ink cartridge horizontally 14 to 15 times and insert the cartridge into the machine. 
  • Close the ink cartridge door and carry on with the on-screen instruction. Configure the machine settings and print an installation sheet.
  • Connect the phone cord to the LINE port on the printer and another end into the telephone jack.
  • Tap Proceed on the LCD screen to set up the fax and follow the prompted instructions to complete the fax setup.
  • You've now completed the hardware setup of the Brother MFC J6530DW printer.
  • Insert the CD-ROM that came along with the package into your computer. Follow the prompted instruction and install the printer software for your Brother printer.
  • You've now completed the Brother MFC J6530DW printer setup.

Brother Mfc j6530dw Driver Download – Steps

You can easily download and install the printer driver for your Brother MFC J6530DW printer for your computer from this page. All you've to do is, click the Driver Download button you see here.You can also download the driver from Brother's official site.

Brother Mfc j6530dw Driver Mac – Steps

To download the printer driver for your Brother printer, click on the Driver Download button on this page. The page will detect your OS type and the driver will be automatically downloaded to your system. 

You can also download the printer driver from the official page.

  • In your Safari browser, go to the official support page of Brother MFC J6530DW.
  • Choose the Downloads tab and complete the driver download process.
Brother hl 2280dw Wireless Setup

Steps to install

  • Double-click on the .dmg file, click the Run button to install the application, and agree to the License Agreement.

Brother HL 2280DW Scan Multiple Pages

  • Carry on with the prompted instructions to complete the installation on your Mac.

Brother Mfc j6530dw Manual Download – Steps

  • Click on the Manual Download button you see on this page. The manual will be downloaded within seconds to your system. 
  • Alternatively, visit Brother's official site, click the Manuals tab, and choose the manual you want to download.
brother hl 2280DW Scan to Pc

Brother Mfc j6530dw Wireless Setup – Steps

  • Make sure to place the printer close to your router to avoid Wi-Fi interference.
  • Connect the printer and the computer to the same network.
  • Insert the CD-ROM that came along with the package to install the printer software on your computer.
  • Follow the prompted instructions on your computer screen. You'll be prompted to select your connection.
  • On the Select Connection Type screen, choose the option for wireless connection.
  • Confirm your selection if prompted and follow the on-screen instruction to automatically connect the printer to the network and complete the wireless setup on your Brother MFC J6530DW printer.
  • If your printer is not shown, then try connecting the printer using the WPS method. Here are the steps to connect your printer via WPS. 
  • On your printer's control panel, tap on the Settings icon and access the directional keys and navigate to All Settings.
  • Select the Network option followed by WLAN and select the WPS option.
  • Tap YES on the Enable WLAN? message and wait for the printer to start the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Confirm your selection by choosing YES.
  • Now, you'll be instructed to start the WPS. Press and hold the WPS button on your wireless access point or router.
  • Confirm your selection if prompted and wait for the machine to connect to the wireless network. The process may take two to three minutes.
  • Now, return to the installation wizard and complete the remaining steps. 
  • You've successfully connected the Brother MFC J6530DW printer to your wireless network.
Brother Hl 2280dw No Paper Error

Brother Mfc j6530dw Airprint Setup – Steps

  • Ensure to connect your iOS device and the Brother MFC J6530DW printer to the same wireless network.
  • Open the document on your iOS device and tap on the Share icon.
  • Select the Print option and choose the Brother MFC J6530DW printer from the printer list.
  • Tap Print.

Brother Mfc j6530dw Scan To Email – Steps

  • Load the document you want to scan on the Brother printer.
  • Press the Scan button.
  • Use the directional keys and select the option to PC.
  • Tap the E-mail option.
  • If the Brother MFC J6530DW printer is connected to your wireless network, select the Computer Name on the LCD screen.
  • Hit Start to start the scan to email operation.
Brother Hl 2280dw No Paper Error

Brother Mfc j6530dw Troubleshooting – Steps

All the error and alert messages will be displayed on the control panel of your printer itself. You need to follow the printer's instructions to eliminate the errors. If nothing works and you're stuck for a long time, and if you're in need of assistance, you can contact us anytime. Just click on the Call button provided on this page and our technical team will assist you in resolving any issue.

Brother Mfc j6530dw Offline

  • Check for connectivity issues between your computer and the Brother printer; unstable internet can also turn the printer offline. 
  • On your computer, click in the search field and enter Device.
  • Select the Device and Printer option and right-click on the printer's icon.
  • Prefer to select the Set as default printer option from the drop-down list.
  • Run a test print and check whether the problem is resolved.
  • See if you have enabled the Use Printer Offline option. If yes, deselect the option.
  • Still, if the printer is offline, you have to reinstall the printer driver on your computer.

Brother Mfc j6530dw Paper Jam

  • Turn off the Brother printer and unplug it from the power outlet. 
  • Pull out the paper tray from the printer and remove any jammed paper. 
  • Lift the flap and remove the pieces of paper.
  • Ensure that the paper in the input tray is not curled. If it is so, then uncurl the paper by bending it in the opposite direction of the curl.
  • Follow the prompted instructions on the control panel and fix the paper jam issue.