Brother MFC J470DW Setup

Brother MFC J470DW Setup

Brother MFC J470DW Printer Setup

Follow these guidelines to set up the Brother MFC J470DW printer.

  • Unpack the Brother MFC J470 DW printer and check whether the components such as ink cartridges, basic user guide, product safety guide, CD ROM, power cord, and telephone line cord are in the package.
  • You can download the Brother printer’s driver from the manufacturer’s site if your computer does not have a CD drive.
  • Peel off the protective tape from the Brother printer and remove the plastic film covering the LCD.
  • The plastic bag which contains the ink cartridges is placed on top of the paper tray. Remove it and take the cartridges out of the bag.
  • Connect the power cord to the Brother printer’s power port
  • Connect the other end of the Brother printer’s power cable to the power outlet.
  • Raise the Brother printer’s scanner lid and continue raising it until it locks into place.
  • Locate the Brother printer’s telephone port and attach the telephone line to the socket which is marked LINE.
  • Raise the scanner cover of the Brother device gently. Doing so releases the lock. Then, you can lower the scanner cover support and close the scanner cover.
  • When the Brother device is switched on, it displays ‘No Ink Cartridge.’ Raise the device’s ink cartridge cover and detach the protective orange component.
  • Take the Brother printer cartridges out of the package and twist the green lever on the packing counter-clockwise. Detach the plastic packaging from the cartridge and install it into the Brother printer.
  • Grab the paper tray and pull it out of the Brother printer. Raise the output tray cover and slide the paper width guides to fit the sheets according to their paper size. Make sure the paper sheets are aligned and positioned properly to avoid misfeeds.
  • Push the Brother device’s paper tray into the printer. Pull the paper support out until it clicks into place.
  • Press the Color Start button on the Brother printer’s control panel to run a test print. Check the printed paper for any print issues and then proceed to set the date and time on the control panel. This concludes the quick setup guide for the Brother MFC J470DW printer.

Brother MFC J470DW Printer Driver & Manual

The Brother MFC J470DW printer is a wireless inkjet All-in-One printer with an automatic document feeder. To download the Brother MFC J470 printer driver, go to the Brother official website and navigate to the appropriate region. Click on it to go to the page where you can search for the product. Click on the Product Search button. Click on the Color Fax button beside the corresponding icon at the bottom section of the page. Now, choose the Brother printer model on the next page, and then select the printer from the options presented. Click on Downloads to go to the driver download page. Here you need to specify the OS and its version. Click on the Full driver link to view the Brother printer driver link. Click on the ‘Agree to the EULA and Download’ button to begin the download. To download the Brother MFC J470DW manual, click on the Manuals button in the Support & Downloads page. Click on the appropriate manual button to view the download link. Click on ‘Download’ to begin downloading the Brother printer’s manual.

Brother MFC J470DW How to Print

Follow these guidelines to print a document on the Brother MFC J470 DW printer.

  • Power on the computer to which the Brother printer is connected. Navigate to the file on the computer that you want to print. Click Print and then choose the Brother MFC J470 DW printer.
  • Set the paper size on the Brother print screen which is displayed.
  • Check whether the paper sheets have been loaded into the correct Brother printer paper tray. Then, choose the appropriate paper size from the Paper Size drop-down list.
  • To select the type of paper sheets that you have loaded, click the Media Type drop-down button and select the media type from the list.
  • Go to the Orientation field and click on the drop-down button to choose either Portrait or Landscape.
  • If you need to print multiple pages, navigate to the Multiple Page drop-down button and click on it. Choose the appropriate option.
  • Click OK and then click Print to begin printing.
Brother MFC J470DW print Setup

Brother MFC J470DW Ink

The Brother MFC J470 DW printer uses the LC101 CMY ink cartridges. Buying genuine Brother printer ink cartridges, though it seems to be costly at first, is cheaper in the long run. Generic print cartridges shorten the life of the Brother printer though they are cheaper than the genuine cartridges.

Brother Printer MFC J470DW WiFi Setup

  • Proceed with the guidelines mentioned below to set up the Wi-Fi on the Brother MFC J470 DW printer.
  • Power on the Brother MFC J470 DW printer and wait until it initializes.
  • After the print cartridges have been installed and the test print has been run, the Wi-Fi setup screen appears. You will see the message, ‘Wi-Fi setup will start’ on the LCD. Press OK.
  • When configuring the Wi-Fi setup for the Brother MFC J470 DW printer, use the navigation keys to highlight the No option. Press OK.
  • Press the Menu button and then use the navigation keys to highlight Initial Setup. Press OK.
  • Use the navigation buttons again to select Local Language. Press OK.
  • Choose your preferred language from the list by using the navigation keys. Press OK.
  • Finally, press the Stop/Exit button to complete the Wi-Fi setup on the Brother MFC J470 DW printer.

Brother MFC J470DW Wireless Setup

Follow these guidelines to connect the Brother MFC J470 printer to your Android device.

  • To print a document on the Brother MFC J470 DW printer by using Google Cloud Print, go to your computer’s web browser and create a Google account.
  • Register the Brother printer with Google Cloud print from your Android device’s web browser.
  • Before doing this, check whether the correct date and time are set on the Brother printer.
  • Also, check whether the computer and the Brother printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi SSID.
  • Then, enter the address, ‘’ in your computer/Android device’s web address and press Enter.
  • Select the Network option and click on Protocol. Ensure that Google Cloud Print is selected and then choose Advanced Setting.
  • Ensure that you have set the status to Enabled and then click Register.
  • Click the Google option and then enter your credentials to log into Google Cloud Print. Go back the Web Based Management screen and ensure that the registration status is set to Registered.
  • Now, you can print documents through Google Cloud Print on the Brother MFC J470 printer.

Brother Printer MFC J470DW Mobile Printing

  • Follow these guidelines to enable mobile printing on the Brother MFC J470 DW printer.
  • Download Brother iPrint & Scan from the application store on your Windows phone.
  • Power on your Brother MFC J470 printer and install the ink cartridges when prompted.
  • When the Brother printer displays the ‘Wi-Fi setup will start’ message, you need to highlight the Yes option. Press OK.
  • Ensure that the Windows mobile phone is connected to the router.
  • Press the Menu button and then choose Initial Setup. Press OK. Then, use the navigation keys to highlight Local Language. Press OK.
  • Choose the appropriate language and then press OK. Press Stop/Exit to finish the router.
Brother MFC J470DW Mobile Printing

Brother Printer MFC J470DW Troubleshooting

Follow these guidelines to troubleshoot the Brother MFC J470 printer for technical issues.

  • You can use this guide to find the causes of the issues and solve them quickly.
  • Check whether the Brother printer's power cord has been connected correctly to the power port and power outlet. Also, ensure that the Brother device is powered on.
  • Remove the protective parts from the Brother printer, if there are any, and then check whether the paper has been placed correctly in the paper tray.
  • There should be a stable internet connection between the Brother printer and computer.
  • If there is no printout, go to your computer and check whether the Brother printer driver has been installed correctly. Go to the 'Control Panel' on your computer and then navigate to your Brother printer model.
  • Right-click it and check whether the 'Use Printer Online' option is displayed. If it is displayed, click it to enable online printing. In computers which are running Windows 7, right-click the Brother printer model and click 'See what's printing.' Select Printer and then make sure that the 'Use Printer Offline' option is not selected.
  • If you see white horizontal lines appearing on top of the text or graphics in the printed pages, you need to clean the Brother printer's printhead. Press the Menu button and then use the navigation keys to highlight Ink. Then, use the navigation keys to go to the Cleaning option. Press OK. Use the navigation keys again to highlight the 'Black, Color, or All' option. Press OK. Now, the Brother printer's printhead is cleaned automatically.
  • If you experience a paper jam in your Brother printer, perform these steps. Detach the Brother printer's paper tray. Grab the green levers and pull them gently to get the jammed paper out. Pull the jammed paper firmly and pull it while taking care not to tear it.
  • Raise the Brother printer's Jam Clear Flap and take the jammed paper out. Remove all the pieces of jammed paper from the Brother printer's Jam Clear Flap.
  • If the LCD still shows a paper jam error, lower the Jam Clear Cover which is located at the printer's rear side. Remove the jammed paper from the Brother device's scanner area and close the cover. Use the plastic tabs on the top to unlock the scanner cover and raise it.
  • Remove the jammed paper from the Brother printer's interior areas. Slide the printhead to a side to remove jammed paper from under it. Close the scanner cover and reattach the paper tray.