Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide

Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide

Brother Mfc 9340cdw Unboxing Setup

To set up your printer, go with the Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide procedures given below.

  • Unpack the Brother MFC 9340CDW printer package and remove the packing materials surrounding the printer.
  • Make sure to recycle the packing material.
  • Now, fill the main tray with a stack of white paper (U.S or A4).
  • Pull the main tray out of the Brother MFC 9340CDW printer and slowly, release the tray lever while pressing the green paper-guide.
  • Load the paper into the tray. Make sure to load the paper into the tray only below the maximum paper level mark.
  • After that, push the paper tray.
  • Connect the power cable to your Brother MFC 9340 CDW printer and press the Power button on its control panel to turn it On.
  • Wait for your Brother MFC 9340 CDW printer to reach the steady-state.
  • Set the basic printer settings like language, date, time, region or country. and touch the OK button.
  • Select the connection type when prompted and perform the on-screen instructions.
  • If you select USB as the connection type, then make sure not to connect it between the Brother printer and the computer before the driver install process.
  • You will be prompted to connect the USB cable during the driver installation, do the same.
  • Start the installation by opening the installer file.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions and make sure to select your Brother printer when prompted.
  • Once the Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide and installation is done, restart your Windows or Mac system and the Brother printer.
  • Finally, try to print a test page on your Brother MFC 9340CDW printer to check the printer functions.

Brother MFC 9340cdw Driver

  • Usually, the printer driver installation CD is provided in the package while purchasing the printer.
  • Insert the installation CD into your system’s CD drive and begin the installation.
  • If you want the latest or updated version of your Brother printer driver, then you can download it from the official site.
  • Log into Brother printer’s official page.
  • Use your system’s web browser for logging in.
  • In the first page of the Brother printer, you will be prompted to select your region or country, select it, and click the OK button.
  • As soon as you select your region and click the OK button, the Support & Downloads screen will appear.
  • Here, click the Product Search tab.
  • Now you can directly enter your Brother printer’s model number or name in the given field or select your Brother printer type in the Search bar by Product Category section.
  • After entering your Brother printer details in the given field, click the Search button.
  • Click the Downloads tab, select your operating system & version type by clicking the Radio button.
  • Click the OK button. Now select the driver file you want on the Downloads screen and click the OK button.
  • If prompted, create a folder on your Windows or Mac system to save the driver file.
  • Click the Save button. Wait for the Brother Printer driver download process to complete.
  • After the Brother printer downloads, open the downloaded driver file and begin the installation.
  • Make sure to complete the installation as per the procedure displayed on the screen.
  • After the installation, try a test print or scan operation to check whether the Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide and installation process is done correctly.

Brother MFC 9340cdw Toner

The Brother MFC 9340CDW printer toner is guaranteed to deliver exceptional results at low cost. The Starter Toner Cartridges (BK/C/M/Y) promises to deliver 1000 pages and the Drum Unit Set deliver 15000 pages. You can replace it easily if the toner is damaged or empty.

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Brother MFC 9340cdw Wireless setup

  • Connect the power cord to the Brother mfc 9340 printer and then plug it into an electrical socket.
  • Now, switch on the brother printer.
  • On the brother printer’s control panel, press the Menu button.
  • Now, tap the up and down arrow keys in an alternate manner to choose for the Network.
  • Now continue to press, Ok.
  • Again press the up and down arrow keys to select WLAN and then press Ok.
  • Then, to select the Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide wizard, you can press the Up and Down arrow keys and proceed to press Ok.
  • If you can find the message, when WLAN enable, then press Ok to start with the Wireless Setup wizard.
  • Now, the Brother printer will search for the available networks and select your Network.
  • The printer connects to the Network that you have selected.
Brother MFC 9340cdw Wireless Setup

Brother MFC 9340cdw Fax Setup

  • First, start the Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide by pressing Menu and then select Fax.
  • Now, select the Remote Fax option and then Fwd/page/Store.
  • Now press the up and the down arrows simultaneously and choose PC Fax Receive.
  • Now, press Ok.
  • A message asking you to start the program will appear, now press Ok.
  • Now, you have to choose the location where you want to send the fax.
  • Now choose Backup Print: On or Off and press Ok after once completed with the selection.
  • At last, complete your set up with the Stop/Exit key.
  • First, press the Menu button on the LCD screen.
  • By pressing the Up and the Down arrow keys in an alternate manner, the Fax option will be shown.
  • Press that Fax option.
  • To display Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide Receive, press the arrow keys alternatively and then select Setup Receive.
  • If you press the up and down arrow keys, the FWD/PAGE/STORE will be displayed.
  • Now, press the PC Fax Receive, and you will receive a message to start the program and then proceed to press Ok.
  • Now press the Up or the Down arrow keys select the destination for sending the Fax.
  • Then, select for the Backup Print: On or Backup Print: Off.
  • End the process by pressing Stop or Exit key.

Brother MFC 9340cdw AirPrint

If you want to print from iPad or iPhone, do the following Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide.

  • Make sure that the brother mfc 9340cdw printer is powered on.
  • You can also make use of Safari to view the page that is to be printed.
  • Next, tap the Share option.
  • After that, tap the print icon.
  • Now, ensure that the brother mfc 9340cdw is selected.
  • Choose for print settings like the number of pages, 2-sided printing, etc.
  • Proceed with printing by taping the Print icon.
  • To print with OS X Lion v10.7,
  • Check whether the brother mfc 9340cdw has been switched on.
  • Try using the Safari to open the page that you want to print on your Macintosh computer.
  • Now, select the file that you want to print and then click the Print option.
  • Now make sure that the brother mfc 9340cdw printer is selected.
  • Select Printing Settings and then choose Print.

Brother MFC 9340cdw Google Cloud Print

  • Ensure that the Brother MFC 9340CDW printer and device are connected properly to the wireless network.
  • Launch the frequently used web browser and key in the IP address of the Brother printer.
  • Choose the Network option followed by the Protocol option.
  • Check if the Google Cloud Print feature is enabled and enter the Google Account information.
  • Tap the Sign In button and select Submit. Press the Ctrl and P keys together on the web page that you wish to print.
  • Select your Brother 9340CDW printer from the list and modify the print settings as per your choice.
  • Tap Print.

Brother MFC 9340cdw Double Sided Printing

  • Search for the document or image that you wish to print and open it on your device.
  • After clicking the Print function on the menu, the Printer Driver window will appear.
  • Set the orientation as Portrait or Landscape in the next step.
  • Tap the 2-Sided/Booklet drop-down menu and choose the 2-Sided or 2-Sided(Manual) option.
  • Next, you have to click the 2-Sided Settings button.
  • Select the Binding Type in the proceeding step of the printing procedure.
  • Highlight the checkbox near the Binding Offset option and modify any other settings if required.
  • Click the OK button.

Brother MFC 9340cdw Scan to Email

  • Make sure that you have Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide and configured the Scan to Email feature and then proceed to the following steps.
  • Tap the Scan option from the home screen of the control panel.
  • Swipe the screen towards the left or right and select the To E-mail Server option.
  • Tap OK and choose the Address Book or Manual option.
  • If you want to change any scan settings, select Options.
  • Select the Type of Scan, Resolution, File Type, File Size, and the Glass Scan Size.
  • Press the Start button to initialize the scanning process.

Brother MFC 9340cdw No Scan to PDF

Perform the steps below to scan and send a document in the PDF format.

  • Download and install the Full Driver and Software package of the Control Center 4 program from the official Downloads page of the Brother printer.
  • On Windows 10, press the Windows key, and then go to All Programs or All apps Brother Brother Utilities to open the Utilities window.
  • Click the Scan button and then select the ContolCenter icon to open the Contol Center4 application on the screen.
  • Select the Device Settings tab to view the Device Settings window on the screen.
  • Now, click the Device Scan Settings option from the displayed list.
  • Click the File tab when the subsequent window appears on the screen.
  • Change the file type as PDF(*.pdf ) in the list and choose the file name.
  • Also, make sure to choose the destination location from where you want to save the scanned data in the Destination Folder section.
  • Select the OK button on the bottom of the screen to save the settings.
  • Load the original document on the scanner glass of your Brother MFC 9340CDW printer.
  • Press the Scan icon on the main screen of the Brother printer’s control panel.
  • Use the Up arrow key or Down arrow key to select the options.
  • Press the Scan to PC option and then select the OK button to proceed with the next step.
  • Now, press the File option and then select OK.
  • Click the OK button on the Brother MFC 9340CDW printer’s control panel and do the next steps to change the scan settings on your Brother printer.
  • If you don’t want to proceed with the default scan settings, change the scan settings like a scan type, resolution, file type, scan size as per your requirement. Press the Yes button when the information to change the scan settings message displays on the screen and then press the OK button.
  • When the subsequent window opens with the ‘to use the default scan settings’ message, press the No button.
  • Then, press the Scan button to begin the scanning process and perform the Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide instructions displayed on the Brother printer control panel (LCD) to finish the scan job.

Brother MFC 9340cdw Scan to PC

Before you proceed with the scan procedure, do the following steps to configure the Scan settings on your PC.

  • Open the default web browser like Google Chrome on your PC and download the Control Center 3 application.
  • Do the instructions displayed on the screen to install the Control Center 4 tool on your PC.
  • Select the Windows Key or Start icon on the main screen of your PC. Go to All Programs Brother, and then choose the model name of your printer as Brother MFC 9340CDW in the displayed list.
  • Now, click the Control Center option in the menu to open the application on your computer.
  • Select the Configuration button on the top of the screen, click the Scan tab, and then choose the File option to open the Scan to File Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide and Configuration window.
  • Click the Software tab and then check the scan settings like the File type, destination folder, resolution, scan type, document size, brightness, contrast, and show scanner interface options. Specify the scan settings as per your requirement.
  • It is recommended to save the document in a PDF format. So, choose the file type as PDF (*.pdf ). Make sure to mention the destination folder to where you want to save the scanned document.
  • Set the resolution value to be high to get a clear image.
  • After you complete with the scan settings, select the OK button to save the modification and then close the window.
  • Once you are done with configuring the scan settings, perform the steps below to scan and save the file on your PC.
  • First, load the document which you need to scan on the scanner glass of the Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide.
  • You can also load the original document on the automatic document feeder.
  • On Windows, double-click the Control Center 3 icon to open it.
  • Go to Scan, select the File button to start scanning and then the file will be saved automatically.

Brother MFC 9340cdw Drum

The drum unit of the Brother MFC 9340CDW printer is used to print good quality images by applying heat and pressure to transfer the toner onto the paper. The toner is kept inside the drum unit, which is in powdered form. If the output printed document of low quality, try to change the toner. When your Brother printer shows ‘Replace drum’ message on the printer’s control panel screen, replace the drum unit.

Brother MFC 9340CDW Replace Drum

  • Turn on the Brother 9340CDW printer .
  • Wait until the Brother printer cools down after opening the front cover.
  • Uninstall the drum unit and the toner cartridge from the Brother printer.
  • Remove the toner cartridge from the drum unit using the green lever.
  • After a few seconds, place the cartridge back in its slot and push it until it clicks into place.
  • Move the green tab available near the corona wire and clean the area.
  • Position the toner cartridge and drum unit in the Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide.
  • The drum unit has now been reset.

Brother MFC 9340CDW Reset Drum

  • Make sure that the front cover of the 9340CDW printer is open.
  • Also, check if the Brother printer is switched on.
  • Tap the Settings option and then choose the Machine Info option followed by the Parts Life option.
  • Press the Drum Life option and hold it until the printer's display message is modified.
  • Tap Yes and then navigate to the Home Screen. The drum has now been reset.

Brother MFC 9340CDW Printer Troubleshooting

Solution for errors related to print, scan, copy, fax, connectivity, paper jams, and Brother MFC 9340cdw Quick Setup Guide are available on this site. Make use of them when the Brother 9340 CDW printer faces any issues. Rectify the error and make sure that the printer functions normally. You can also get the help of technical experts in solving issues.