Brother MFC 7360n Toner

Brother MFC 7360n Toner consists of dry, powdery substance that is electrically charged. The toner cartridges are used in Laser printers. Usually, the toner cartridges are provided with the Brother printer during the purchase. You can also replace it if required. Get the new toner cartridge from the official site or a trusted retail store.

Brother Mfc7360n Toner Reset

To reset your Brother MFC7360N printer toner cartridge, follow the instructions given below.

  • Begin the reset process by opening the front panel of the Brother MFC7360N printer.
  • Now, press the Clear or Back button on the Brother control panel.
  • Touch the Yes option when the REPLACE DRUM message appears on the screen.
  • Type the *00 keyword and press the Accept button.
  • Close the opened front panel and wait for the reset process to begin.
  • Once the Brother MFC 7360n Toner cartridge is reset, check if the issue is resolved.
Brother MFC 7360n Toner

Brother Mfc 7360n Replace Toner Cartridge Error

To fix the toner cartridge error, you can reset or replace it..

  • If you wish to replace the toner cartridge, then first, get a replacement toner cartridge from the manufacturer or a trusted retail store.
  • Before you replace the toner cartridge, first, try to reset it. If the issue persists, then replace it.
  • If the toner is low or empty, and the developer roller has reached its maximum limit, then there is a chance for the Replace Toner message to appear on the printer screen.
  • To replace the defective/empty toner with the new one, follow the instructions given below.
  • Open the top cover of the Brother MFC 7360N printer.
  • Slowly, take the color drum unit and then remove the defective toner cartridge from the printer.
  • Unpack the new toner cartridge. Place the defective cartridge into the package and send it to the manufacturer for recycling.
  • Before you place the new toner cartridge into the printer, shake it for five or six times.
  • Install the new toner cartridge into the printer.
  • After that, slide the drum unit and the toner cartridge into the Brother MFC 7360N printer and close the opened front panel of the printer.
  • Check if the Brother MFC 7360n toner issue is fixed.