Brother HL l3290cdw Setup

Brother HL l3290cdw Setup

Brother HL l3290cdw Printer Setup

  • Once the printer arrives, open the seal of the package. 
  • Take out all the components available on top of the package, such as toner cartridge, drum unit, waste toner box, belt unit, and Brother HL l3290cdw Setup installation guides. 
  • Now, remove all the packing materials from the printer. 
  • Install the drum unit and the toner cartridge assembly in the printer after sliding the drum locks. 
  • Discard the orange part from the toner cartridge and then install it in the printer. 
  • Position a few plain papers in the input tray. 
  • Connect the power cord to the Brother printer and the power supply. 
  • Assign the other settings and then install the printer drivers on your system.
Brother HL l3290cdw Priner Setup

Brother HL L3290CDW Drivers

  • With the help of the Brother printer driver, you can connect the Brother HL-L3290CDW printer and the computer via a wired or wireless network. 
  • Proceed with the instructions given here to download the full driver package fro the official site.

Brother HL L3290CDW Driver Download

  • Visit the official site and then mention the OS of your computer and its version in the respective textboxes. 
  • Tap the Enter key and wait till the driver files are displayed on your screen. 
  • Click the Brother HL l3290cdw Driver Download button to save the driver file to your system.

Brother HL L3290CDW Driver Install

  • Go to the Downloads folder where you have saved the printer driver.
  • Double-click the downloaded file once the download procedure is complete. 
  • Tap the Run button when the Security Warning screen appears. 
  • Allow the software to make changes to the computer by clicking the Yes button. 
  • In the Select Language window, choose the language of your choice. 
  • Wait till the preparation for setup takes place and then accept the license agreement. 
  • Highlight the radio button near the Standard or Custom Install option in the next step. 
  • The standard install option will install the entire package on your system, whereas the custom install option will help you choose the list of software that you wish to install on your system. 
  • Once the driver installation begins, the Setup Status window will display the status of the Brother HL l3290cdw Setup installation process. 
  • Choose the connection method to successfully connect the system and the Brother printer. 
  • Make sure you have the all the necessary accessories to connect them.

Brother HL l3290cdw Manual

Download the user manual for your Brother HL-L3290CDW printer using the instructions specified here.Click the Brother HL-L3290 Manual Download button to save the manual to your system.If prompted, key in the printer model number as HL-L3290CDW and tap the Enter key.

Toner For Brother HL L3290CDW

The Brother HL-L3290CDW printer uses four toner cartridges to print and copy your documents. Brother HL l3290cdw Setup, Install the black, cyan, magenta, and yellow toner cartridges in your printer and print a test report.

Brother HL l3290cdw Toner Reset

Use the procedure given here to reset the drum counter.

  • Check if the Brother HL-L3290CDW printer is turned on and then make sure the cover of the machine is closed. 
  • Tap the OK button while pressing the Up arrow button. 
  • Press the OK button and then select the Drum option. 
  • Make use of the Up and Down arrow keys to select the toner cartridge you need to reset. 
  • Now, you have to press the up arrow to start the drum reset process.
Brother HL l3290cdw toner

Brother HL L3290CDW Wireless Setup

  • Tap the Menu option and then choose the Network option.
  • Select the WLAN option followed by the WPS option.
  • Press the Yes button when the WLAN Enable? message appears on your LCD screen.
  • Once the ‘Press Key on Rtr’ message is displayed, press the WPS button available on your router.
  • Make sure to press the WPS button within two minutes. Once the connection is successfully established, the display will show the message Connected.
  • Assign a test print job once the connection procedure is over.
Brother HL l3290cdw Wireless Setup

Brother HL L3290CDW Mobile Printing

  • Connect your mobile and the Brother HL-L3290CDW printer to the same wireless network. 
  • Download the app required to assign a test print job on your mobile device. 
  • Delegate a print job using the mobile printing app. 

Brother HL L3290CDW Scanning

Follow the Brother HL l3290cdw Setup procedure that is stated below to scan your documents and photos.

  • Position the original document or photo on the scanner glass of the Brother printer. 
  • Tap the Scan icon and then choose the To PC option. 
  • Select the Image option. Now, you have to choose the destination computer. 
  • Tap the OK button and then use the Scan Options option to edit the scan settings. 
  • You can use the Black Start or the Color Start button to scan with the help of the default settings.

Brother HL L3290CDW Troubleshooting

If the Brother HL-L3290 printer faces any issues while performing the print functions, then you can make use of the solutions that are specified below.

Brother Paper Jam But No Paper HL L3290CDW

  • The first step is to open the scanner cover of the Brother HL-L3290 printer. 
  • Close the scanner cover after a few seconds and check if the problem has been resolved. 
  • If the paper jam message is still displayed, then check the printhead section for any small pieces of paper that are stuck. 
  • Go to the printhead section and check if any paper is stuck there. You can make use of a pair of tweezers to remove small pieces of paper. 
  • Service your printer if the Brother HL l3290cdw Setup issue persists.
Brother HL l3290cdw Paper Jam