Brother HL L2360DW Setup

Brother HL L2360DW Setup

Brother HL L2360DW Printer Setup

  • Follow the procedure given here to set up your Brother HL-L2360DW printer successfully.
  • Find out the Network name and Password of your wireless network before proceeding with the setup.
  • Make sure your Brother printer is connected to the power supply and is turned on.
  • Navigate through the screen and select the Network option.
  • Use the arrow keys to choose the WLAN option on the next screen.
  • Next, select the Brother HL L2360DW Setup Wizard option and tap Yes when the WLAN Enable? question appears on your screen.
  • The search for the network starts, and a list of networks will be displayed in a few seconds.
  • Select a wireless network of your choice and enter the correct password for the particular network.
Brother HL L2360DW Wifi Setup
  • In case the authentication method is Open System, then the Connection: OK message will be displayed on the control panel screen.
  • The proceeding step is to download the drivers for your Brother HL-L2360DW printer and install it on your system.

How to Install Brother HL L2360DW Printer

  • Your Brother HL-L2360DW printer comes in a blue and white box.
  • Cut the seal using a knife or scissors and open the printer box.
  • You will find the Quick Brother HL L2360DW Setup guide on top of the box. Below it, the toner cartridge, power cable, and the installation CD will be present. Keep them aside.
  • Take the printer from the package, and remove the plastic wrap and styrofoam sheets.
  • Peel off the tapes stuck on your Brother printer. Insert the toner cartridge in its slot after turning it on.
  • Pull open the input tray and place papers in it. Align them properly before loading.
  • Make use of the Brother installation CD or download the drivers from this site.
  • Install them using the guidelines that are displayed on your screen.

Download Driver Brother Hl l2360dw

To download the Brother HL L2360DW printer driver, perform the instructions given below.

  • To begin the driver download process, you need to open a web browser on your computer.
  • Click anywhere in the search field and type the URL code of the Brother printer.
  • Click the forward arrow at the end of the search bar or tap the Enter button on the system keyboard.
  • Wait for the home screen of the Brother printer to open.
  • Select your region on the main screen of the Brother printer setup.
  • Click the Product Search option in the Support & Downloads section.
  • Select the Monochrome Laser Printer series in the Product Search section followed by HL-L2 series.
  • Now the list of HL-L2 series printers displays on the screen, select the HL-L2360DW printer from it.
  • Click the Downloads tab and choose the Operating system & version type.
  • Click the OK button. Select Printer Driver and click the Agree to the EULA & Download button.
  • Now the driver download process begins. Wait for it to complete.
  • Once the driver download process is complete, Brother HL L2360DW Setup and install it on your system, and try a test print.

Brother Hl l2360dw Toner

Toner is a fine powder used in the laser printers. The Brother HL L2360DW printer toner provides best print quality. If your toner cartridge gets damaged, then you can replace it with a new one from the official printer store, or a trusted retail store. To know how to reset and refill the toner cartridge, follow the procedures given below.

Brother HL L2360dw Toner Reset

When the toner cartridge is replaced in a Brother printer, sometimes the new cartridge doesn’t get recognized by the printer which results in the toner not being reset automatically. Follow these guidelines to reset the toner on the Brother HL L2360DW printer.

  • Raise the Brother printer’s top cover and proceed to the steps that follow.
  • Power off the HL L2360DW printer. Wait until it is turned off completely.
  • Proceed to turn the Brother printer on while holding the Go button. Don’t let go of the button at least for 3 seconds. When you let go of this button, the ‘USER MODE’ message appears on the screen.
  • Now, tap the Go button nine times, and you will see the Wi-Fi LED blink.
  • After you see the Wi-Fi LED flash, press the Go button five times.
  • Close the Brother printer’s top cover. This concludes the reset of the Brother HL L2630DW toner cartridge. You can see that the toner has been reset on the status page. To print the status page, tap the OK button three times.

Brother HL L2360DW Toner Refill

To refill the toner on the Brother HL L2360DW, get a toner refill starter kit and follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Open the Brother printer’s front door and pull the cartridge towards you. Release it from the drum unit by pressing the levers on the drum unit.
  • Take the toner cartridge out of the drum unit and set it on a flat surface with the Brother logo facing up.
  • Use the tool from the cartridge refill starter kit to melt a hole on the rectangular space beside the logo after heating the tool. Shake the refill bottle along the vertical axis to distribute the ink.
  • Take the Brother toner in one hand and carefully place the spout into the hole you created at a 70 to 80-degree angle. Then, orient this toner-refill Brother HL L2360DW Setup toward the table to a nearly horizontal position and bring it back up after refilling is over. Shake the bottle again and pour the ink into the toner once more.
  • Remove the refill bottle away from the toner and close it. Add silicon glue to the grooves of the circular plug provided in the starter kit. Place it over the hole and press it to seal the hole.
  • You can now reinstall the toner cartridge and close the top cover. This completes the Brother HL L2360DW Printer's toner refill procedure.

Brother HL L2360dw Wireless Setup

Use the Brother HL L2360DW wireless setup procedure provided below for setting up the connection between the Brother HL L2360DW printer and the computer/laptop. The instructions on how to link the model of your Brother printer to the Wireless Fidelity network are specified on this web page.

How to Connect Brother HL L2360dw Printer to Wi-Fi

  • Connect an electrical cord between the Brother HL L2360DW printer and the power outlet, and then switch it On.
  • Ascertain that the system is associated with the correct Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to the control panel of your Brother device and tap the Down or Up arrow button to choose the Network button.
  • Tap the OK button, select the WLAN option, and then select OK again.
  • After you touch the Brother HL L2360DW Setup Wizard button, select the OK button.
  • Once the WLAN Enable? question displays on the control panel, choose the Yes button for turning On the wireless network.
  • The Brother HL L2360DW Wireless Setup Wizard starts. The by your Brother HL L2360DW printer will search for the available networks.
  • Once you choose your network’s SSID, tap the OK button.
  • Provide the authentication key of your Wireless Fidelity network.
  • The Brother HL L2360DW printer will connect to the network.
  • After setting up the connection, install the Brother printer driver on your computer.

Brother HL L2360dw Troubleshooting

Errors can arise in the Brother HL L2360DW printer because of several reasons. Some of the common printer problems are offline, issues in the printer operations, printing blank pages, and more. To get your Brother HL L2360DW Setup problems rectified easily and quickly, get help from our technical experts.

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