Simple Steps To Do Brother Hl-l2325dw Setup?


Brother HL-L2325DW is an entry-level monochrome laser printer designed for small home/ office printing needs. It features auto duplex printing, outstanding connectivity options, LCD, and more. The setup process of this printer is a straightforward method. The following section shows you how to perform the Brother HL-L2325DW setup for the first time.

  • Initially, unbox the product if you haven’t done it yet.
  • Next, check to ensure that the Dum unit & toner cartridge, brother installation disc, quick setup guide, references guide, and product safety guide are provided with the printer.
  • Now, remove the Brother HL-L2325DW printer from the product box and place it on a clean surface.
  • Unpack your printer completely by removing all the packing materials tapes.
  • Now, gently open the front cover of the printer.
  • Remove the drum and toner cartridge from the package.
  • Take the orange part from the cartridge and insert it into the printer. 
  • Check to ensure that the cartridge is installed properly.
  • Close the front cover.
  • Now, take the paper cassette out of the printer.
  • Adjust the guides properly.
  • Load the desired/ recommended paper type into the cassette and move the guides against the paper.
  • After loading the cassette, insert it back into the printer.
  • Connect your Brother printer directly to a power outlet using its electrical cable. 
  • Now, press the ON/OFF or Power button on the top of the printer to turn it on.
  • When you turn on your Brother printer for the first time, it might take a few seconds or minutes to complete its initial boot-up process. So, before going into the next step, wait for the boot-up process to complete.
  • Once your printer becomes stable, set the initial settings such as language, region, etc., by following the prompts displayed on the screen. 
  • Finally, press OK. The Brother HL-L2325DW printer’s hardware setup is completed by this step. 
  • To use the printer from your Windows or Mac computer, you have to install the printer’s full driver package. 
  • Run the driver file on your computer. When prompted, select the desired connection type and connect your printer to the computer accordingly.
  • Similarly, if you wish to use the printer from your iOS or Android phone, you can use the Brother iPrint& Scan app, AirPrint, or Mopria Print Service.
  • Finally, print a test page to check whether the Brother HL-L2325DW setup is done correctly. If the printer prints the test page successfully, it means the setup is done correctly. Otherwise, re-perform the setup process.


  • Go to Brother’s official page from your browser.
  • Select your printer from the Products list.
  • Click on the Downloads tab.
  • Select your OS type from the drop-down menu if necessary.
  • Now, the list of the printer driver(s) available for the selected OS type will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select the printer driver you need.
  • Click Agree to EULA and Download > Yes.
  • Now, the selected printer driver file will start to download on your computer.


The list of Brother HL-L2325DW printer drivers and utilities available for Windows are:

*Note: Based on your OS version, the driver availability might vary.

  • Full Driver & Software Package (recommended)
  • Printer Driver
  • XML Paper Specifications Printer Driver
  • Wireless Setup Helper
  • Network Connection Repair Tool
  • Uninstall Tool
  • Brother iPrint& Scan
  • Firmware Update Tool 

You can download these printer drivers for your Windows computer from the printer’s official page by referring to the instructions given under the “Brother HL-L2325DW driver download” section on this page.


Brother recommends using the AirPrint feature to access the printer from your macOS computer. If your Mac computer doesn’t support the AirPrint feature, you can use the Brother iPrint& Scan app to access the printer. You can get this app from the App Store app. 


You can set up the Brother HL-L2325DW printer over a wireless network using the WPS method or Wireless Setup wizard. In the below section, you can find the instructions for the wireless setup using the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard. (Contact us if you need to know how to set up your printer over a wireless network using the WPS method.)


Before you begin the wireless setup, make sure that:

  • The printer’s hardware setup is completed.
  • The wireless router (that you’re using for the Wi-Fi setup) is connected to a stable Internet connection.
  • You’re aware of your router’s SSID and password.
  • The firewall feature and the antivirus software installed on your computer are disabled temporarily.
  • The computer/smartphone is connected to the same wireless network to which you’re about to connect the printer (over a wireless or wired connection).
  • The latest version of the printer driver is downloaded.

Connecting the printer to a wireless network

  • Turn on your Brother printer if it is turned off.
  • Open the Network screen on your printer.
  • Select WLAN > Setup Wizard > On.
  • Now, your printer will look for the networks that are available within its range. The detected network SSIDs will be displayed on the screen. 
  • Select your network’s SSID from the list.
  • Type the selected network’s password in the given field.
  • Press OK.
  • Now, your printer will try to connect to the network.
  • Once the connection is established, the Connected message will be displayed on the screen.

Installing the printer on a computer/smartphone

  • For computer: Run the Brother printer driver file on your computer. Perform the on-screen instructions. Select the Wireless Connection option when prompted. Install the driver by following the instructions displayed on the screen. 
  • For smartphones: Install the Brother iPrint and Scan app on your device. Open the app and perform the on-screen instructions to install the printer.


Generally, the user guide of the Brother HL-L2325DW printer contains all the information starting from the product overview to the troubleshooting methods. A hard copy of the manual is provided along with the printer during the purchase. If you have misplaced the manual, you can download its soft copy from the printer’s support page. To know more, follow the instructions below.

  • Visit the official page of Brother.
  • Click on the Search field and type your printer name in it. Tap Enter to go to your printer’s support page. Alternatively, select your printer model manually from the Products list.
  • Now, click the Manuals tab.
  • Select the user guide you need and click the Download button beside it.


Brother HL-L2325DW is a single-functional printer that supports only the “print” function. 


The oncoming sections will show you how to fix some common Brother HL-L2325DW printer problems. Contact us if you need advanced technical support in resolving your printer problems. 


The Brother HL-L2325DW printer doesn’t support the scan function. It is a single-functional printer. 


“Is your Brother HL-L2325DW printer not printing?” If yes, try these quick and simple troubleshooting solutions to fix it.

  • As the first step of troubleshooting the “printer not printing” problem, check whether your printer is turned on. If not, press the ON/OFF button to turn it on.
  • Resend the print job to check whether the print problem is resolved. 
  • If the print problem persists, check whether the latest and compatible printer driver is installed on your computer. Re-install the printer driver if you have installed the outdated or incompatible driver.
  • Check if any error message is displayed on the status monitor of your printer. If yes, perform the necessary solution to fix it.
  • Ensure that your printer status is not set to offline.
  • Set the printer as the default one on your computer if you haven’t done it yet.
  • Restart the printer. 
  • Reconfigure the printer settings if they are misconfigured.
  • Reset your printer settings if none of the solutions fix the print problem. 
  • After restoring the printer settings, print a test page to check whether the print problem is fixed.

Restoring the printer settings

  • Open the Initial Setup screen on your printer. 
  • Select Reset > OK > OK > Yes.
  • Now, the reset process will be initiated on your printer. 
  • Once the settings are restored, the printer will restart automatically.
  • After your printer restarts, reconfigure the printer settings from the beginning. 


A paper jam or stuck can occur in the following parts of your Brother printer:

  • Paper Tray
  • Back of the printer
  • Inside the printer
  • 2-sided tray

Clearing the “paper jam” error

  • As soon as the paper jam message is displayed on the screen, restart your printer.
  • If the same message is displayed on the screen, even after restarting the printer, then look for the jammed paper in the above-mentioned parts and remove it.
  • Ensure to remove the jammed paper carefully from the printer.
  • After removing the jammed paper, reload the cassette and print a test page.
  • If the printer prints the test page successfully, it means the paper jam error is fixed. Otherwise, recheck the printer for the jammed paper and remove it (if you find any).


  • Initially, make sure that your Brother HL-L2325DW printer is turned on.
  • Next, check to ensure that your computer (Windows or Mac) and the printer are connected to the same network. 
  • Check your printer status on the computer. You can find the “Use Printer Offline” option selected if the printer status is set to offline. Deselect the Use Printer Offline option and check if the offline problem is fixed. 
  • Ensure that you have installed a compatible printer driver on your computer. 
  • Make sure that you have set the printer as the default one on your computer.


  • If your printer keeps printing blank pages, check the toner and drum cartridge. In most cases, the empty toner & drum cartridge can also lead to this problem. 
  • To check the life of the drum & toner cartridge, open the Settings screen on your printer. Select Machine Info and view the remaining life of the cartridge. If the cartridge has already reached the end of life, replace it with a new one.
  • Ensure that the drum & toner cartridge is installed properly on the printer.
  • Similarly, make sure that the genuine cartridge is installed on the printer.
  • If the document you’re printing has a few blank pages, then select the Skip Blank Pages option on the Print Properties dialog box and perform the print operation. 

Now youa have seen how to perform Brother Hl-l2325dw setup. Contact our tech experts for instant assistance by clicking the Click To Call Button provided on this page.