Brother Hl l2320d Setup

Brother Hl l2320d Setup

Brother Hl l2320d Setup

Follow these guidelines to the Brother HL L2320D setup printer wirelessly.

  • Make sure that the Brother HL L2320D printer and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi SSID.
  • Download the Brother printer driver from the manufacturer's site or insert the Brother HL L2320D printer driver CD into your computer if it has a CD drive.
  • Navigate to the Brother printer driver and double-click it. Choose the HL 2320D option and select the language.
  • Now, you will see options such as Install Printer Driver, User’s Guides, etc. Click Install Printer Driver.
  • If the application displays a prompt asking whether you want to download the updated software, click the Yes radio button. Click Continue.
  • The Brother printer driver installer displays the Preparing Brother Hl l2320d Setup animation while the installation initializes. When the License Agreement screen displays, click Yes.
  • Now, there are three options displayed on the Connection Type screen. These include Local Connection, Wired Network Connection, and Wireless Network Connection.
  • Choose the Wireless Network Connection radio button and then click the checkbox beside Custom Install. Click Next.
  • If Firewall has been enabled, you will see a Firewall/Antivirus detected screen. Click the Change Firewall port settings radio button and then click Next.
  • Set the folder for installing the program and then click Next. A list of features such as a status monitor, user's guides, and network printer driver are shown with their checkboxes ticked. Click the Next button.
  • On the next screen of the Brother printer driver installer, you will see the Network Search Type dialog box. Click the specify your machine radio button. Now, go to your Brother printer and follow these steps to get its IP address.
  • Use the '+ and ‘-' buttons to scroll through the options. Keep pressing and releasing one of these buttons to reach the Network option. Press the OK button to enter the Network options. Use the + button to go to WLAN, and press OK. Press OK when you see TCP/IP on the screen.
  • Make use of the + navigation button to highlight the IP Address. Press OK. A long string of numbers will be displayed. Make a note of this IP address.
  • Enter this IP address in the entry field on the Brother printer driver installer screen. Click Next.
  • You have to select the Brother printer on the next screen. Click on the Brother printer model and select Next.
  • The Brother printer driver installer proceeds to install the driver on your computer. After the registry information is written, the driver installation completes. Click Next.
  • Choose whether to leave options such as 'Use this device as the default printer,' 'Enable status monitor on startup' ticked, or click on their checkbox to untick them. Click Next.
  • You can choose to participate in the Brother Printer research program by leaving the checkbox ticked. If you don't want to, click the checkbox to untick it.
  • Click Finish to complete the Brother HL L2320D driver installation. Click OK. Close the browser and driver installer.
  • Open a document, and select the Brother device from the Printer drop-down list in the File menu. The document will now be printed wirelessly. This concludes the Brother Hl l2320d wireless setup of the printer.

Brother HL L2320D Driver Download For Windows 10

You can follow these guidelines to download the Brother HL L2320D driver for a Windows 10 computer.

  • Go to the Brother printers' official website and navigate to the Support section.
  • Key in the Brother printer model number and click Search. Click the Downloads & Drivers tab.
  • From the Select OS tab, choose Windows 10 and then choose the required language from the Language tab. Click Search.
  • Click the Download button and select the I Accept button. Now, you can save the driver to your Windows 10 computer.

Brother HL L2320d Driver Download For Linux

To download the Brother HL L2320D driver for a Linux computer, follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Type the Brother printers' website in the address bar of your browser and press Enter.
  • Navigate to the Support section and type the Brother printer models. Click on the Search button.
  • Click on the Downloads & Drivers button located beside the Manuals & Documents tab.
  • Go to the Select OS tab and choose your Linux version from the list.
  • Then, select the required driver language from the Language list. Click Search.
  • Click the download link I Accept Save.

Brother Hl l2320d Driver Download For Mac

  • To download the Brother HL L2320D printer driver for Mac device, follow the instructions given below.
  • First, open the Safari (web browser) on your Mac system.
  • Sign into the official page of the Brother printer using the correct URL code.
  • Select the Region/Country on the main screen of the printer.
  • Click the Product Search option in the Support & Downloads section.
  • Select the Monochrome Laser Printer option in the Search by Product Category section.
  • Select the HL L2 series in the HL-L section followed by Brother HL L2320d setup.
  • Click the Downloads tab. Now the Select your operating system page opens.
  • Click the Radio button next to the Mac option and select the version type in the Select OS Version section.
Brother HL L2320d driver
  • After that, click the OK button. Create or select a folder on your Mac system.
  • Once the Brother HL L2320D printer driver is downloaded, install it on your Mac device and try a test print.

Brother Hl l2320d Manual

The Brother HL L2320D printer user manual will help you perform the Brother HL L2320d setup operation manually. Usually, the user manual is provided with the printer package. If you lost the printer user manual, then you can download it from the official site of the printer. The basic set up and troubleshooting methods are provided in the user manual.

Brother Hl l2320d Toner

Toners are used in the laser printers. Toner is made up of powdery substances that are electrically charged. In the Brother HL L2320D printer, the toner cartridge comes pre-installed. If you face any issue with the printer, toner then you can reset it by following the instructions given below.

Brother Hl l2320d Toner Reset

  • To reset the Brother HL L2320D printer toner, follow the instructions given below.
  • Open the front opening of the printer.
  • Now, switch off your Brother HL L2320D printer.
  • Turn on your Brother HL L2320D printer while holding the Go button on the control panel.
  • Release the Go button after three seconds.
  • As soon as you release the Go button, the User Mode screen will appear on the printer screen.
  • Now, press the Go button nine times.
  • Continue the above process until the Wi-Fi light flashes.
  • Again, press the Go button five times and close the opened front opening.
  • That's it; the Brother HL L2320d setup, toner reset process is done successfully.

Brother HL L2320D Toner Refill

  • The initial step of the toner cartridge refill process is to purchase the right toner powder type for your toner cartridges.
  • If it is not compatible with your toner cartridge, then unwanted issues might occur.
  • The toner cartridge will be messy, so make sure to place a paper or towel to avoid any spills on the surface.
  • Find the holding tank of your toner cartridge and check if a hole is already present in it.
  • Few cartridges will have a hole closed with a plastic stopper. In other cartridges, you have to make a hole to refill the Brother HL L2320d setup toner powder.
  • Make use of a burn tool to create a hole in the toner cartridge. Open the toner powder bottle and place its end at the start of the hole.
  • Fill the cartridge with the toner powder and close the hole present in the cartridge.
  • Shake the toner cartridge to spread the toner powder evenly inside the cartridge.

Brother HL L2320D Drum Light

  • The drum light has a fixed period of life. You will have to replace it after you print 12,000 pages.
  • The Drum light will blink once it needs replacement.
  • To identify the life of your Brother HL L2320d drum unit, you can follow the steps specified here.
  • Check if the Brother printer is turned on. The printer should be in the ready state, and the green light should be lit.
  • Tap the Go button thrice, and the Current Printer Settings will be printed.
  • The lifetime of the drum unit will be displayed in it. Change the drum unit if necessary.
Brother HL L2320d Drum

Brother HL L2320D Usb Cable

  • Insert the Brother driver installation CD in the drive or download the drivers from the official site.
  • Tap the Decompress button to extract the driver file and then click the Install Printer Driver button.
  • Comply with the License Agreement to proceed with the installation process.
  • On the next screen, highlight the checkbox near the Local Connection(USB) option.
  • Select the Brother Peer-to-Peer Network Printer option on the proceeding screen.
  • Click the OK button on the Firewall/Antivirus screen. Select the Temporarily Use a USB cable option.
  • Now, attach the cable between the computer and the Brother HL L2320d setup.
  • From the list displayed next, choose your Brother printer.
  • Choose the SSID of your wireless network from the list of available networks displayed and tap the Next button.
  • Next, detach the USB cable connected between the computer and the Brother HL-L2320D printer.
  • Click the Next option to start installing the printer drivers. Select your printer and register it. Follow the prompts that appear on your computer's screen to complete the Brother HL L2320d USB Setup.

How to Reset Brother HL L2320d Printer

  • Turn off the Brother printer using the Power button available on the control panel.
  • Switch the Brother printer on by pressing the Power button and the Go button simultaneously.
  • Do not release the Go button until the toner, drum, and paper lights are lit.
  • After they are lit, release the Go button.
  • Next, press the Go button 10 times, and the settings of your printer will be reset.

Brother HL L2320D Factory Reset

To factory reset the Brother HL L2320D printer, follow the instructions.

  • Tap and hold the Power key on the control panel to turn off your printer.
  • To turn on your brother printer, press the Go button.
  • Hold the Go button till the LEDs of toner, paper, and drum glows.
  • Release the Go button to turn off the glowing LED.
  • Now, click the Go button ten times. The printer’s default factory settings are now restored.

Brother HL l2320d Troubleshooting

The common issues encountered by this particular printer mode include connection problems, cartridge error, paper jamming, print paper quality, printer installation issue, etc. Quick and easy-to-follow steps are provided in the following sections to resolve some of the common Brother HL L2320d setup issues. You can also get help from our technical experts for remote assistance.

Brother HL l2320d Paper Jam

To clear the paper jam issue in the paper tray, follow the steps below.

  • Open the front cover and pull the paper tray out from the printer.
  • Gently, remove the jammed paper downward using the hands. Also, remove the small pieces of paper left in the paper tray.
  • Make sure that to fit the paper correctly into the paper tray.
  • To clear the paper jamming issue in the rear of the printer, follow the instructions.
  • Open the front cover, and remove the ink cartridge and drum unit from your printer.
  • Open the back cover of your Brother printer and release the fuser cover.
  • Gently, remove the jammed paper using the hands.
  • Close the back cover of your printer once you place the fuser cover.
  • Re-install the ink cartridge and drum unit, and close the front cover of your printer.

Brother HL l2320d Printing Blank page

Follow the steps to fix the blank page printing error.

  • Make sure that your cartridge is functioning properly.
  • Check the toner level in the cartridge. Replace it if the toner level is too low.
  • Try removing and re-installing the ink cartridge to fix the error.
  • Check if the print settings are properly set.
  • Try resetting the printer spool service.
  • To reset the printer spool service, go to the Windows Service Manager.
  • Make sure your Brother printer is connected to the computer over the same network.
  • Uninstall the driver software and install the latest version of the printer driver software from the manufacturer website.
  • Print a test page to check whether the printer is printing without any issue.
  • If you cannot print a test page, remove the printhead from the printer, and clean and re-install it.
  • If the issue persists, contact our technical experts and get your Brother HL L2320d setup issues resolved in no time.