Brother HL 3170CDW Troubleshooting

Brother HL 3170CDW Printer Troubleshooting

The Brother HL 3170 CDW printer is a compact powerhouse capable of high-speed printing up to 23 pages per minute. The printer can also support a paper capacity of 250 sheets. However, there are some known Brother HL 3170CDW troubleshooting issues such as Brother printer is offline, the printer doesn't print, and so on. The topics mentioned below will help you resolve them easily.

Brother HL 3170CDW Printer Offline

If the Brother HL 3170 CDW printer status is displayed as Offline, you can follow the guidelines mentioned below to resolve it.

  • The first check that needs to be done when the Brother printer status is displayed as offline is to check whether the Brother is switched on and there are error codes on the LCD. Refer to the Brother printer manual to troubleshoot the errors and solve them.
  • Connect the printer to the computer with a USB cable directly and make sure you don't use a USB hub as these hubs tend to cause connection Brother HL 3170CDW troubleshooting issues.
  • Check whether Brother HL 3170 is set as the default printer. Navigate to the Devices folder on your computer and right-click the Brother HL 3170cdw printer icon. Select the Set as default printer option.
  • Delete the document list queue of the Brother HL 3170CDW printer. Right-click the Brother printer icon on the computer's taskbar and select the Cancel All Documents option.
Brother HL 3170CDW troubleshooting

Brother HL 3170CDW Won't Print

  • Check whether the Brother HL 3170CDW printer is switched on and there are any errors on the LCD. Detach the Brother printer's power cable from the power port and inspect it for any damage. If the Brother printer's power cable is not working, use another compatible power cable. Clear the error messages on the Brother printer LCD by referring to the user manual.
  • Check whether the Brother printer is connected to the router or access point correctly. If the Brother printer-to-router cable is not working as intended, consider replacing the cable.
  • Download the Brother HL 3170CDW troubleshooting network repair utility on your computer and run it. The Brother printer network repair utility tool will be extracted. Double-click the BrotherNetTool file and follow the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Check whether there is an IP address mismatch between the Brother printer and the computer. To check this, go to the Brother HL 3170 printer's control panel and press the GO button thrice. You will find the Brother printer's IP address on the third page. Then, go to the Run application on your computer and run the 'CMD' application. Type CMD in the Run field and press Enter. When the CMD application is opened(command prompt), type IPCONFIG, and press 'Enter.'
  • Make a note of the 'IPv4' address and check whether it matches the Brother printer's IP address on the page. If they don't match, it means that your computer is connected to a different IP address. You will need to correct this by going to the router's EWS page on your web browser.
  • Test whether there is an active connection between the Brother printer and computer by typing PING abc.def.i.e., where is the Brother printer's IP address. If you don't see the PING statistics on the screen, you will need to check whether the Brother printer and computer are connected to the same wireless network if you are using a wireless connection. If you have established a wired connection, check whether there is a firewall on the computer blocking the internet connection.

Brother HL 3170CDW Poor Print Quality

If the Brother HL 3170 printer delivers poor quality prints, you can follow these guidelines to find the causes for these Brother HL 3170CDW troubleshooting issues and solve them.

  • If the colors on the print look light or faint, check whether the drum unit and toner cartridges have been installed correctly. You will have to perform calibration on the Brother printer as well. Check whether the paper being used matches the media type which you have set on the Brother printer.
  • Take the Brother print cartridges out of the device, shake them to redistribute the toner, and install them in the printer. You will also need to wipe the glass covering the LEDs with a lint-free cloth.
  • If there are white streaks or bands down the printed document, check whether the drum unit and toner cartridges have been installed correctly. Reinstall them correctly, if required. Clean the four LEDs, as mentioned in the previous step. Remove any foreign objects from the interior of the Brother printer, drum unit, and toner cartridges. You may also have to clean the drum unit in some cases.
  • When the printed document is in a different color than the original, you will need to perform these steps. Consider using the recommended paper sheets for printing. Check whether the drum unit and toner cartridges have been installed correctly.
  • Perform calibration of the Brother printer by pressing + to choose Color CorrectionOKColorCalibrationOKOK (to choose Calibrate)Touch + to select the Yes option.
  • When the printed document is wavy, make sure you are using the recommended paper type. Select the Reduce Paper Curl option. It is located in Printing PreferencesAdvancedOther Print OptionsPrinter FunctionImprove Print OutputReduce Paper CurlOKApplyOK. Also, make sure to store the paper sheets in a place where they are not subjected to high heat and humidity.

Brother HL 3170CDW Printer Not Responding

If the Brother HL 3170CDW printer is not responding, then you can follow the steps below,

  • First, pull the USB from your computer as well as your printer.
  • Ensure that there is no dust or else clean it up with a cotton cloth.
  • Now, try to reconnect the cables and ensure that you connect correctly.
  • Switch on your printer and then try for a test print to check if the problem persists.
  • If the Brother HL 3170CDW troubleshooting issue still persists, check for the Driver’s settings,
  • First, click Start and select Devices and Printers on Windows 7.
  • Make sure that the printer is in the list. If not, check whether you have installed the correct driver.
  • Now, set Brother HL 3170CDW as the default printer.
  • Check the printer status and make sure that the print job is not paused or offline.
  • To check for what is being printed, right-click on the Brother printer icon.
  • Now, try to delete all the files that are present in the Print queue.
  • Select Cancel all Documents. Confirm it by clicking Yes.
  • Ensure that you are choosing the correct port. Now, give a right-click on the printer icon and choose Properties.
  • Now, a new Window will open. Click Ports and then select the correct ports.

Brother HL 3170CDW Paper Jam

To solve the paper jam issues,

  • First, access the front door and allow the Brother printer to cool for at least five minutes.
  • Now, remove the Toner cartridge and the drum unit assembly.
  • Then, take out the paper from the toner cartridge and the drum unit.
  • Shut the front door and then take the paper tray fully out from the machine.
  • Remove the jammed paper from the machine using both hands.
  • Now, open the face-up output tray.
  • You can open the Fuser cover by pulling the tabs down.
  • Now, remove the paper out from the fuser unit.
  • Then, close the fuser cover and the back cover.
  • Take the duplex tray out from the machine.
  • Ensure that there is no paper inside the printer. If you find any paper bits, remove them.
  • Ensure that there is no paper under the machine.
  • Place the duplex tray and paper tray back into their position.
  • Fix the Brother HL 3170CDW troubleshooting cartridge in the drum unit, and then put the assembly back into the printer. Now, close the front cover.
  • Ensure that the Error LED light is off, and also the Ready LED is lit.

Brother HL 3170cd printing blank pages

  • You might get empty page errors due to reasons like,
  • Cartridge or low ink issues in the printer.
  • Communication error might occur in the printer.
  • No response from the printer spool service.
  • To fix these problems,
  • Ensure that the cartridge is working properly and also check whether it has enough volume of ink.
  • For this, you must remove the toner cartridge out from the machine.
  • Shake the toner cartridge and replace it into its position.
  • Unplug the Brother printer and the computer once, and replug it after a few minutes.
  • Try to print something and check if it is printing.
  • Now, try to restart the printer pool services by accessing to Windows service manager.
  • If still, the problem exists, try to reset the printer and proceed with the Brother HL 3170CDW troubleshooting setup.

Brother HL 3170cd not printing

  • First step is to reboot and restart the Brother printer.
  • Ensure that the printer is connected correctly to your computer.
  • Now, you can sign in the PC utilizing a record that will have the ‘Oversee printer’ rights to the printer.
  • Next, click on the Begin option.
  • Then, select Gadgets and Printers. Now, to display the print spooler window, give a right-click on the printer.
  • Now, choose ‘See What’s printing.’
  • Click the Printer icon and then select ‘Utilize printer offline’ so that the printer would come online.
  • Now, go back to the Devices and Printers window by closing the Print Spooler window.
  • Now, open a new web page, and then download the recent driver version for your printer from the manufacturer site. Proceed with the installation of the driver.
  • After installing the driver, click Start.
  • Click the Control panel option and type Brother HL 3170CDW troubleshooting in the search box.
  • Now, click the ‘investigating’ interface and then click the ‘Utilize a printer’ in the Hardware and Sound.