Brother HL 3170cdw Quick Setup Guide

Brother HL 3170cdw Quick Setup Guide

Brother HL 3170cdw Printer setup

  • Step 1, unpack the Brother HL 3170cdw Quick Setup Guide and make sure all the printer accessories, namely CD-ROM, AC power cord, Belt unit, Toner cartridge, and drum unit are supplied to you.
  • Then, detach the tape that you can find outside the machine.
  • Hold the handle and open the front cover of the printer. Move all the yellow drum locks to the centre.
  • Now, remove the drum and toner cartridge assemblies from the printer.
  • Take out the orange-colored packing material from the belt unit. Remove the packing material from all the drum and the toner cartridge assemblies.
  • After some time, you can insert the assemblies back into the printer. Make sure to shake the assemblies gently to spread the toner evenly before inserting them into the printer. Close the top cover and proceed to load paper.
  • Next, place the paper in the paper tray by completely pulling the tray out from the machine.
  • Make sure to press the green paper guide and then release the lever. You have to keep the paper in the proper position.
  • Place the paper properly so that you can avoid paper jams. Don't overfill the paper tray.
  • Now, turn on the machine by connecting the AC power cord to the printer and the AC power outlet.
  • Then, on the control panel, press and hold the On button.
  • You can now do a sample test for printing. Press Go, and the printer will print a page. Check the quality of the print.
  • Now, you can choose your language by pressing the up or down arrow keys for General setup and then click OK.
  • Now, download the printer driver from the manufacturer website, and begin the driver installation.
  • Do as instructed by the installer to complete the setup. Select your connection type when prompted. You can select USB interface cables, Wired network, or Wireless network.
  • Set up the connection and complete the installation. Try a test print to verify the Brother HL 3170cdw Quick Setup Guide.

Brother hl 3170cdw Driver

The Brother hl 3170cdw driver is available on this site. Just click the Driver download button and give the necessary details to get the driver instantly. The printer driver can also be downloaded from the manufacturer site. On the official manufacturer page, select the operating system of your computer. Make sure the driver is for the Brother hl 3170cdw printer.

Brother HL 3170cdw Driver Mac

  • You can download the driver for Mac from the manufacturer site or use the installation disc supplied along with the printer.
  • First, connect your Mac computer and the printer using a USB cable. Make sure to log into your Mac computer with the administrator rights.
  • Insert the CD into the computer and begin the installation by giving a double-click on the Brother icon.
  • Find the Start Here OSX icon and double-click it. Specify your printer model when prompted.
  • Select a connection type and click Next. The installation setup screens will appear one after another.
  • Add the Brother HL 3170 cdw printer to the system and click Next. Make sure to specify the printer name in the Print Using pop-up menu.
Brother HL 3170cdw Driver

Brother HL 3170cdw Driver Windows 7

  • Go to the manufacturer’s site to download the Windows 7 driver for the Brother HL 3170 printer.
  • Then, select your operating system, i.e., Windows 7.
  • Go through the complete information regarding the update history and the compatible model once again.
  • Make sure that you are logged as an Administrator into your computer.
  • You should keep the printer turned off until the completion of the driver installation.
  • Do not connect the USB interface cable.
  • After inserting the installation CD into the computer, the Brother printer screen appears automatically.
  • Specify the printer model and your language when prompted. Select the Install Printer Driver and click the Yes option to accept the license agreement.
  • Choose the Local Connection option and then click Next. Proceed with the on-screen guidelines to set up the USB connection.
  • Now, power up the printer and continue with the on-screen prompts.
  • Complete the On-Line registration and then click Next. Click the Finish button on the Brother HL 3170cdw Quick Setup Guide is Complete screen. The driver for the printer is now installed on your computer.

Brother HL 3170cdw Manual

The Brother hl 3170cdw manual can be downloaded from this site. Give a click on the Manual Download button on this page to get the manual in the PDF format. You can find all the information and instructions for the Brother HL 3170cdw Quick Setup Guide, driver and software installation, toner cartridges, troubleshooting, etc.

Brother HL 3170cdw Toner

The toner cartridge for the Brother hl 3170cdw printer from the LD products guarantees you to meet with the print quality of the Original Equipment Manufacturer. The Brother TN221 laser toner will give you 100% quality and satisfaction with high yield. Read More

Brother HL 3170cdw Wireless Setup

  • The first step is to gather the details about your wireless network. (information like SSID, network security).
  • Next, connect your Brother hl 3170cdw to a wireless network.
  • Start the Brother HL 3170cdw Quick Setup Guide wireless on your printer. Press the up and down arrow keys to view the Network option. Press OK to proceed.
  • Again, press the up or down arrow keys to select WLAN and then click OK.
  • Now, select your Network name and proceed by clicking OK.
  • Key in your network key when prompted and then press OK.
  • Now, to apply your settings, click Yes.
  • A report will be printed when your printer machine is connected to your wireless network.
  • If the printer machine shows you the message ‘Connected’, it means that the connection was successful. Click the OK button.

Brother HL 3170cdw AirPrint

  • First, make sure whether your brother hl 3170cdw is switched on.
  • Now, make use of the Safari browser to open the page that you want to print.
  • Now, tap the Print option. Make sure to select the Brother hl 3170cdw printer.
  • Choose the number of pages that you want to print and select the 2-sided printing option.
  • Now, tap Print to initiate printing.
  • For OS X Lion v10.7, verify that your Brother printer is turned on.
  • You can use the Safari browser on your Mactonish computer to open the File that you wish to print.
  • Now, select File and then click the Print option in the File menu.
  • Ensure to select your Brother hl 3170cdw machine. Now, choose the required number of pages that you wish to print and then select the 2-sided printing option. Complete this Brother HL 3170cdw Quick Setup Guide process by clicking OK.

Brother HL 3170cdw Duplex

For Windows users,

  • First, select either the 2-sided printing for a single job, or set the driver to automatically assign 2-sided print jobs for all the documents
  • For a single job, select the Print option in the application that you want to print. Then, click properties to open the Printing Preferences window.
  • To get 2-sided printouts for all jobs, open the Printing preferences window and select the Duplex/Booklet option from the drop-down menu under the Basic tab.
  • Now, select the Duplex Settings button. You can adjust the settings like Duplex type and Binding offset.
  • The Brother HL 3170cdw Quick Setup Guide scan process is now initiated. Once the printer scans the document or image, it displays the preview on the computer’s screen.
  • For Booklet printing, adjust the Duplex type, booklet printing method, and the Binding offset values. Click OK to confirm your choices.
  • Choose a location or folder to save the scanned files. You have to select the File Type as well.
  • Now, click the option (Apply) => and then click the OK option.

For Macintosh users,

  • First, select your print option from the application that you wish to print.
  • Then, look for the Two-sided checkbox in the Print dialog box and mark it.
  • Next, select an appropriate Layout from the Application drop-down menu.
  • You can select the Long-edge Binding or the short-edge Binding option
  • You can save this settings by selecting the Save as option from the Presets drop-down menu.
  • Give a name for the Preset and then click OK.
  • Now, the Brother HL 3170cdw Quick Setup Guide document will be printed with the option that you choose. Finish the process by clicking OK.

Brother HL 3170cdw Troubleshooting

The Brother hl 3170cdw printer may display error and maintenance messages, for example, paper jams, network difficulties, no print quality, the machine does not feed paper, toner cartridge not installed correctly, error in the corona wire, etc. To avoid toner related errors, it is essential to have a regular check on the toner levels and condition. Paper jams can be avoided by placing the paper properly into the tray and by avoiding overloading. Also, keep the Brother HL 3170cdw Quick Setup Guide clean and free of dust.

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