Brother HL 2140 Drum

The Brother HL 2140 Drum unit has the major responsibility of transferring the toner powder to the paper. It uses heat and pressure to print the documents or images on the paper. The drum unit has to be replaced when the quality of prints go low. Learn how to maintain the drum and replace it using the guidelines given below.

Brother HL 2140 Drum Cleaning

  • Ensure that the Brother HL-2140 printer is turned on and pull open the front cover.
  • Next, remove the drum unit and the toner cartridge assembly out of the printer
  • In order to take the cartridge out of the drum unit, you have to push the lock levers available on the drum unit in the downward direction.
  • Examine the drum unit's surface after placing it on a paper or cloth.
  • Use a cotton swab to wipe the surface of the Brother HL 2140 Drum unit gently.
  • Now, place the toner cartridge in the drum unit and install the toner cartridge-drum unit assembly back into the Brother HL-2140 printer. Close the front cover and take a test print.
Brother HL 2140 Drum Cleaning

Brother HL 2140 Drum Error Light Flashing

Brother HL 2140 Drum error light flashing issue occurs if there any problems with the drum unit. You can make use of the instructions that are mentioned below to reset the drum.

Brother HL 2140 Drum Reset

  • The first step of the drum reset procedure is to check if the Brother HL-2140 printer is turned on.
  • Pull the front cover of the Brother printer towards you to open it.
  • Press the Go button and hold it until all the lights glow.
  • Release the Go button and close the cover firmly. The drum reset process will now be initiated.
  • Check if the Brother HL 2140 Drum light is off during the reset.
Brother HL 2140 Drum