Brother Hl 1111 Setup

brother-hl-1111 setup

Brother Hl 1111 Setup


  • When you unbox the printer, you get the toner cartridge, installation CD, power cord, and manuals; so keep them for later setup purpose
  • Remove all the packaging covers and the protective tapes from the printer.

Install the toner cartridge & drum unit:

  • At first, lift the top cover of the printer and remove the drum unit from the printer.
  • hen, unpack the toner cartridge and slowly shake it.Discard the orange clip that is covering the toner roller, and see that you do not touch the roller.
  • After that, placethe toner cartridge into the drum unit and then press both the ends of the cartridge. To remove the cartridge, release the blue holder and take out the cartridge.
  • After you insert the cartridge into the drum unit, carefully slide the toner cartridge & drum unit assembly into the printer. 
  • Close the printer’s top cover.

Load papers:

  • Open the paper tray, then pull the paper guide extender.
  • Insert the papers into the tray, then adjust the extender bar to the paper edges.
  • Extend the output paper tray and unfold the support flap.

Switch on:

  • Connect the power cord to the printer and then plug it to the electrical wall socket.
  • Press the Power button to turn on the printer.
  • Go ahead to install the printer software.

Brother HL 1111 Driver

  • The drivers for the printer are accessible through the installation CD that is given to you with the printer.
  • The printer’s official website consists of the drivers that can support devices with operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Full Driver & Software Package is available online.

Brother HL 1111 Driver Download

  • To download the printer driver, follow these steps:Open the support website of the printer from your browser.
  • Find the printer you are using.
  • Click the Downloads menu, then select the OS Family and OS Version.
  • Choose the language from the drop-down menu.
  • Download from the drivers that are listed

Brother Hl 1111 Driver Download Windows 7

  • The printer software can be downloaded on the official website of the printer from the Downloads menu.
  • In the OS menu, select Windows 7 and choose the driver you want to download.

Brother Printer Hl 1111 Driver Download For Windows 10

  • For this printer, the built-in drivers do not support the Windows device. So you have to download the printer software from the manufacturer’s website, as mentioned in the Driver Download section.
  • The OS Family should be chosen as Windows, and the OS Version must be Windows 10.

Brother hl 1111 Toner

The standard toners that are used for printing are TN-1010(Vietnam), TN-1020(India), and TN-1040(Turkey).

brother hl 1111 toner reset

  • When you replace the toner cartridge, the toner needs to be reset to align with the reset gear.
  • Switch on the printer.
  • Now, press the power button seven times to enable the ‘continue’ mode.
  • Check if you can print with the new toner maintaining the printer in ‘continue’ mode.
  • To disable the continue mode, again press the power button seven times.

Brother Hl 1111 Drum Reset

  • The drum has to be reset after you replace the old drum unit with a new one.
  • Mount the printer top cover to start the reset.
  • Press the power button four times to reset the drum counter.
  • Then close the top cover.

Brother Hl 1111 Printer Red Light Blinking

The printer’s error LED blinks due to the reasons listed below:

  • When the toner has to be replaced due to toner expiry or toner damage, the light blinks continuously with 1.5 seconds break.
  • The prints become unclear when the toner level is very low; this status of the printer will be indicated with error light blinking the same as for toner replacement error light.
  • Sometimes the toner and drum assembly may not be installed properly, so remove the unit and replace it into the printer. In such cases, the light blinks four times, followed by a pause, and then continues.
  • This blinking light displays the need to replace the drum unit. It blinks three times, stops, and again continues.
  • If there is a paper issue, the error red light blinks two times and stops. The same blinking of light repeats.