How To Get Brother DCP 7055 Troubleshooting?

Brother DCP 7055 troubleshooting

Brother DCP 7055 Troubleshooting

Brother DCP 7055 is a compact mono laser printer that enables you to print, scan, and copy. The device is designed for both home and office-based works. Any device in the world will go through some technical issues, and Brother DCP 7055 faces the same. Like every problem has a solution, Brother DCP 7055 troubleshooting helps to solve the technical issues manually without any trouble.

Brother DCP 7055 printer offline

Check whether the reason for the error is displayed on the printer screen. If yes, then focus on the issue that causes the printer to go offline.

Make sure that the Brother printer is connected to the router. Connecting to the poor internet connection will end up in the printer offline.

Check the printer properties on the connected computer. If the Use printer offline option is enabled, then it will make your printer offline. So, disable the option and run a test print.
  • Go to Devices and printer on your computer and double click on the Brother DCP 7055 printer.
  • Select the Printer tab and make sure that the Use printer offline option is disabled. If not, then disable the option and run a test print.

Brother DCP 7055 cannot print using a USB

Check the printer connectivity. Using a defective USB cable will result in the printer being unable to print. So try changing the USB cable and connect the printer via a new USB cable. 

Make sure the printer is listed on the Devices and printer page. If not, then check the driver. Using an outdated driver will also result in being unable to print. 

  • Click the Start menu and select Control panel.
  • Choose Programs and features from the list and select the printer driver from the list.
  • Click Uninstall.
  • Now, open the official web page of Brother and download the printer driver that supports your PC’s OS.
  • Install the driver after accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Now run a test print.

Brother DCP 7055 printing blank pages

If your Brother DCP 7055 printer prints blank pages, try printing the document after replacing the toner cartridge. Sometimes if the toner becomes old, it will result in printing blank pages. 

  • Open the scanner unit and remove the drum unit from the printer.
  • Detach the toner cartridge from the drum unit gently without any damage.
  • Now remove the replacement toner from the package and remove all the protective cover and materials.
  • Gently shake the toner to make the toner spread.
  • Attach and assemble the new toner to the drum unit and insert it into the machine until it clicks.
  • Now lower the scanner unit and run a test print.

These are some of the most used Brother DCP 7055 troubleshooting steps.